R.I.P Guy Ligier

Multi-talented sportsman, multiple times a successful businessman, passionate patriot. Worked hard to keep his team running in the face of frequently challenging circumstances, and intermittently was competitive: Laffite and Depailler, Arnoux, the Brundells, Panis. In a way, the struggles of his successor owner are a measure of his success. Rest in Peace.
Incidentally the initials JS on the Ligier cars stood for Jean Louis Schlesser ( not the one who took out Senna) but his friend who died in a freak accident in 1968 whilst testing where he went off the track and into the public road and collided with a taxi

The only other thing I remember about Guy Ligier was apparently he was too stubborn to get rid of his mates in the early 90's when the team had the 4th biggest budget in F1 with Renault engines and failed to deliver results and there was a lot of blaming whose fault it was . Autosport even read the team and quote " Mon Dieu" as everyone said they tried everything and the only people who took no responsibility were his mates who Autosport suggested he should fire and make tough decisions for the better of the team
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