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Brian Hart passes away

Brian Hart's engines may not have powered teams or drivers to premier class world titles, nevertheless his contribution to open wheel racing was a valuable one. Powering such teams as Toleman and Minardi enabled them to compete and thus provided the platforms for aspiring drivers to cut their baby teeth in F2 and F1.

Many a time over the decades I rooted for the underdogs if for no other reason than to see and enjoy the occasional upsetting of the establishment apple cart. Teo Fabi's pole at the 1985 German GP at the Nurburgring was the most memorable standing on the sofa moment. A pity about the DNF with clutch failure though!

On the dawn of a new era of turbo-charged F1 power units it is somehow moving that one of the original proponents of turbo engines in F1 should not be around to see it.

Rest in Peace Brian and my sympathies to family, friends and all knew and appreciated him.

Edit: Nice little piece by Gary Anderson here: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/112035
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What a shame - what Hart managed to achieve with the resources available to him was incredible. I'll never forget Derek Warwick in the Toleman Hart sticking it up the inside of Pironi's Ferrari at Brands Hatch in 1982 to a huge cheer from the crowd.
RIP ... the Hart contribution to F1 whilst not "all headlines" was extremely important ... and his engine mated with certain chassis allowed these guys to start, continue and/or end their careers ...

Kenny Acheson
Philippe Alliot
Marco Apicella
Mauro Baldi
Rubens Barrichello
Allen Berg
Thierry Boutsen
Ivan Capelli
Johnny Cecotto
Andrea de_Cesaris
Teo Fabi
Piercarlo Ghinzani
Bruno Giacomelli
Brian Henton
Taki Inoue
Eddie Irvine
Stefan Johansson
Alan Jones
Ukyo Katayama
Tarso Marques
Pierluigi Martini
Gianni Morbidelli
Emanuele Naspetti
Jonathan Palmer
Massimiliano Papis
Ricardo Rosset
Huub Rothengatter
Ayrton Senna
Aguri Suzuki
Patrick Tambay
Mike Thackwell
Jarno Trulli
Jos Verstappen
Derek Warwick
Manfred Winkelhock
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