R.I.P Brian Lister


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It's been a sad few days. Just discovered that Brian Lister has passed on. Motorsports fans will be familiar with his more or less British Racing Green and yellow liveried GT Lister Jaguars and the spookily stealth-like Lister Storm. He worked with other greats of motorsport, including Archie Scott Brown (who lost his life racing a Lister) Frank Costin and Carrol Shelby, to name just three.

Lister walked away from motor racing sometime around 1959 following Archie Scott Brown's death and those of Lister works driver Ivor Bueb and Jean Behra. His company and the heritage lives on - Lister Cars changed hands last year, apparently. A 60th Anniversary model has been built, one which Brian Lister would certainly recognise ...


R.I.P Brian
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