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All I can say is I hope no one from Red Bull ever has to take the stand in a court of law because I don't think you would ever get to the truth. First we had "Sparkpluggate" with the Renault denying any responsibility for the sudden loss of power and now it seems we have "Brakegate" with the suppliers of Red Bull's brakes denying that it was their bit of kit that let the side down and Red Bull seemingly confirming that it wasn't brake failure after all.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/motorsp ... 595448.stm

I know that in the hectic cut and thrust of F1 it's easy to rush to judgement but come on fella's make your minds up !!

So what is going wrong at Red Bull? Has Mr Newey become so paranoid that he thinks all his suppliers are out to get him? Has Christian Horner been to a Paul Mckenna show and is now unable to say the words "our car let us down"? or do we need to call in Scooby Doo and the Mystery Inc Gang?
Not to mention Christian Horner categorically denying they have any kind of adjustable suspension.

D'oh! Too late.
I decided to go look on red bull's web site at the car spec....

Front: Aluminium alloy uprights, carbon-composite double wishbone with springs and anti-roll bar, Multimatic dampers
Rear: Aluminium alloy uprights, carbon-composite double wishbone with springs and anti-roll bar, Multimatic dampers

All looks quite normal but i did wonder what Multimatic dampers were, turn's out Multimatic is a Canadian company which i didn't know about which does supply formula one teams (mentioned right at the bottom of their motorsport overview page) although i can't find any reference to which ones however, i did find this pic on a popup from the homepage so i'm guessing i found the right place.
So here's a little bit on their dampers.. http://www.multimatic.com/structures_and_suspension/dssv.shtml
Then i noticed something else which makes sense the Dynamic Suspension part of Multimatic is based in Norfolk.
Another interesting thing to note... the picture which says bespoke unit on both pages... although i'm going to guess not current version it is most likely off a car of the team in question (check the pic properties for the totally uninspired coverup title)

Well i've yet to get my head around the left front wheel area issue, it wasn't brakes the wheel was tightened correctly but something to do with torque drive.. huh? and i'm pretty sure most spark plug failures are symptoms and not the actual cause.. humm..

And here's a quote i picked off the rebull twitter site...
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Watching the race with my missus later in the day (she was too lazy to get up and see it live) I noticed sparks from Webber's front wheel during one of his tyre stops. Found this on Pitpass which claims Vettel saw sparks just before he retired (not sure how true this is and I bet he saw red afterwards :snigger: )


I've never seen a tyre gun spark during a wheel change before. Makes you wonder quite what Red Bull are up to and whether this is all part of their "cunning" ride height change system - not sure why it would spark though.

Anyway, from my perspective although within the letter of the rules it certainly isn't within the spirit but since when has the FIA made any effort in this respect. The bizarre thing is all the teams now have to set too and make one of these systems only to have it banned (probably) for next year like the infamous double diffuser. So much for cost cutting.

Apropo nothing at all, here's a lap with Mark Webber round Melbourne in the Red Bull simulator. You will notice they haven't put any other cars on the track, this may explain why he nurfed Hamilton up the jacksie, he simply wasn't expecting there to be any other cars on the track :D

I also thought I saw several sparks from the front end of a Red Bull during a pit stop. Don't remember if it was Vettel or Webber but I thought It must have come from the spinning wheel nut gun clipping some metal. If FB is right though, it would seem very odd.
THe one bit i didn't mention came from the popup as well.

DSSV (Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve) damper technology is derived from championship winning race applications that offer superior on-vehicle dynamics performance compared to conventional dampers in all areas. This technology has the promise of revolutionizing the damper development process, and developments are underway for passive and active versions of this technology.
There were a few sparks flying on vettels pole lap when he run a bit wide with oversteer in turn 15 and coming back off the curbing which appears to come from the inside left wheel area. can't tell if it's from the wheel itself or wing bounce and optical illusion to location.
is about 15:34 into race day program.
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