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New game coming November this year on PS4, Xbox One, Windows, WiiU and Steam OS
Looks great. The first racing game to be made specifically for next gen.
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F1 cars on Nordeschleife
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So, anyone playing this? I got it this week and am loving it. I've started a career in karting and have been jumping around from series to series enjoying the huge variety the game had on offer. I love how everything is unlocked from the outset and I am free to create whatever races I want. I have raced Bathurst and Donnington in F3 cars and have loved the experience. The graffics are incredible and immersive.

If anyone is playing on the PS4 I'd love to have a race. PSN name- Westy581

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I need a much newer computer before I can even get it. I have been watching Tiametmarduk's videos on youtube though, and the more I see, the more I want this game.
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