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How many times will Jos the Boss get the weather wrong for the F1 2012 season?

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Will Jos the Boss will get the weather wrong for grand prix weekends this season, last year he set a record for 16 false weather reports out of 19, will he go 1, 2 or 3 better this season?

Or will he redeem himself and actually get more than 3 right?

If you are going to a race and you get weather report from Jos, make sure you pack for the opposite weather!

(just messing Jos! LOL)

So I will put a poll up, and those that answer correctly, get to throw water balloons, sand balloons and some mangos at Jossy!
Hm...I see you went for the impossible, well at least you have faith! :snigger:

And that record is true, okay I might be one or two out either way LOL
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