Pre-GP Quick Quiz - China 2012

This QQ is firstly the successor to mygoodself's sterling work in BBC606 and on another forum and, secondly, follows the usual format of 10 questions related to the history of the China GP (so, that's excluding the 2012 race which hasn't happened yet !!).
Answer 10 questions, one point for each.

1) How many drivers have raced in all eight China Grand Prix?
5 - Alonso, Barrichello, Button, Massa & Webber

2) Who is the only driver to have been disqualified in a China Grand Prix? (and for no extra points, purely to show how much of a geek you are, why?)
Takuma Sato, 2006, for ignoring blue flags (blocking)

3) Mark Webber's 3rd place finish holds the record in a China GP for the most places made up from grid to finish. Which grid position did he start from ?

4) What was the significance of Kimi Raikkonen's win in 2007?
It was Ferrari's 200th GP win in the modern era.

5) Which driver has stood on the podium the most in China?
Kimi Raikkonen, 4 times, Win 2007, 2nd 2005, 3rd 2004 & 2008

6) Which driver has won the China GP the most times?
Hamilton, 2008 and 2011

7) Championship leader Lewis Hamilton failed to score in the 2007 China GP when a victory (from pole) would have sealed his WDC. Why?
Skidded off coming into the pits and beached on the gravel

8) Who has scored the most points in the China GP since it came into the GP calendar in 2004?
Button, with 61 including 1x win, 1x 2nd and 1x 3rd

9) No points scorer in a China GP has been lapped - True or False?
True, every points scorer has finished on the same lap as the winner.

10) Taking the teams's headline name only before the hyphen showing the engine supplier (i.e. for example RBR, RBR-Renault, RBR-Ferrari, RBR-Cosworth all count as "RedBull") which driver/drivers have driven for the largest number of (supposedly!) different teams in the China GP?
Nick Heidfeld, Jordan(-Ford) 2004, Sauber(-BMW) 2006, BMW 2007, BMW Sauber (2008/9), and Renault 2011
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