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Do you think the entire field should be awarded points?

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I read that one of the ideas being floated was to change the points scoring system so that everyone who finishes a race gets points. Do you think this is a good idea or not? Please explain why you voted the way you did.
Thanks :)
I voted no. I simply don't see the reasoning behind it. If you did that how would you get those remarkable results that we all talk about when someone who on paper shouldn't score points manages to? Like Bianchi in the Marussia in Monaco in 2014. That is a drive which was considered a huge achievment, if everyone scores points it takes something away from a drive like that and in my opinion it shouldn't be allowed to.
im the same as alonso, points should be an achievement not a given & points for everyone devalues that

that 9th place by bianchi or 6th place from marc gene for minardi are special moments, you take away from that, because espically bianchi is 1 of my favourite moments in F1, i cheered that overtake for 9th more than i have Hamilton passes for the win
I'm strongly against it. Imagine a world title being decided on the basis of a 17th-place or a 19th-place finish because a driver had an accident and several lap delay. Even more so if both title challengers had experienced this in different races, but one was simply fortunate that there were more retirements in their race - so they got more points (despite coming last).
No. I think Liberty should focus on making up grids of 26+ competitive cars, instead of giving bonus points for whoever is piddling around in the rear.
And maybe we could introduce an end of season participation award, to ensure no one gets left out.

Daft idea. Personally scoring to 10th was a bit far!
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I objected to the extension of points to the top 10, rather than limiting it to the traditional top 6. I certainly believe that extending them even further will cheapen the accomplishment of point scoring much further. A truly horrible idea!
I voted yes.

Reason 1. At the moment any non-scoring constructor at the end of the year has their final position and therefor their money decided by their highest single race finishing place in the season. So if 2 constructors score no points all year, 1 lucky race could see the better of the 2 teams finish last, with the lucky team finishing ahead. With the introduction of more teams in the future this injustice could become more frequent. If everyone scored points then it would be very clear who is the superior team and what order they are in the championship.

Reason 2. It would make team mate comparisons very easy to follow particularly for teams further down the grid as their drivers regularly miss out on points. All without having to look out best finish statistics for both drivers from F1 nerd sites.

Reason 3. It gives the drivers at the back of the field extra incentive to keep on racing. If you have 15th place but have already had an 11th place finish for your team this year there is zero point taking on a risky overtake on at the last lap. But if every position gets points, then ever place counts, no matter what you have already achieved in previous races.

Reason 4. It makes the drivers championship more accurate. In an extreme example, lets say its the last race. The championship is tied between LH and SV. Hamilton and Vettel have a first lap incident at a track where you can't overtake easily. Hamilton only recovers to 15th Vettel recovers to 11th. Under the current system their fight back is utterly irrelevant as nether of them score points. Yet such a fight back would be a championship decider if points were awarded to everyone. Under the current system the championship would go the the person with the most pole positions. Not counting results below 10th is just stupid in this type of scenario.
Greenlantern101 My first thought after reading your post was that although it's hard to disagree with the points you raised, was that adding complexity is a Bad Thing unless absolutely necessary. However on reading it again I am swayed, especially by the first point. I simply hadn't bothered thinking about it much, so thanks. Truth is king. :thumbsup:

As long as the points for each place remain consistent across seasons then it's workable, so perhaps some built in extra or half-points would have to be awarded for places 21-26 as and when they're required..
The only way of avoiding the mess eloquently described by Galahad to incorporate the ideas put forward by Greenlantern101 would be to rule that regardless of finishing position, only cars finishing within 1 lap of the leader score points. It won't solve everything but I fully agree with the point made about a championship being fluked because a gearbox failed resulting in a car being classified 15th and last but getting a couple of points where as if it had happened at another race they could have had the same fault and finished 19th. Not good.

Also, it really does smack of "give the duffers some points just for playing" and devalues the achievement of getting points in the first place.

At least it's not that bloody dumb medals idea again.
Greenlantern101 As far as I know the drivers' championship is still decided on countback in the case of a tie on points, not pole positions. If two drivers had identical results in the top 10, the one with the best finish outside the top 10 would be champion - so in respect of Reason 4 at least, nothing changes. This certainly used to be the case, unless they have changed the rules?

I would feel a lot more sympathy for Reason 3 if FOM ever actually showed the battles that take place for 11th position and below. It is a fact that there is currently more on-track overtaking for non-points scoring positions than for the top 10.
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