Pirelli tyres "will weigh more in 2013"


A fine chap if ever there was one.
Tyres have played a huge part in the last couple of seasons, with rubber appearing to wear out at an unprecedented rate, reducing aggressive overtaking by any "late brakers". Per Autosport the tyres for next season will be heavier, does this suggest that they will be harder wearing and therefore allow more [gasp] racing??
Heavier tyres, more unsprung weight, more undamped weight, more inertia, more difficult to accelerate.

All marginal, I guess, however, margins are what F1 is all about.

Are they trying to make next season like this season was at the start, as teams take different approaches to getting the tyres to work in all situations?
The comments seem to suggest weight gain is quite a lot, although I guess in F1 that term is relative.

It can only really be the compound though as the sizes are fixed. So that would suggest a denser compound.

Having said that, there is mention of shape changes, so if it is much squarer between the tyre wall and surface, that would account for some of the weight. Which would also suggest a larger contact patch and increased grip.
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