Pastor Maldonado

Courtesy of Planet F1 and Tranquility's post in the Belgian PQR thread here's a place to discuss the Williams' No.2

"Is Pastor Maldonado the scariest man in sport? His post-Spa interview was delivered with a stare that could put a weak-hearted man six foot under from a distance of ten yards and culminated in the remarkable, utterly-terrifying announcement that he regards Lewis Hamilton as "a really good friend."


Just jeepers.

Fear and pray for his enemies."

Pastor started his racing career in Italy in the Formula Renault and F3000. He would have been Formula Renault 3.5 Champion if he hadn't been disqualified from a win at Misano in 2006. Moving on to GP2 Pastor raced for 4 seasons, eventually taking the title in 2010.

With not insubstantial financial backing from Venezuela's national petroleum company, PDVSA, he took Nico Hulkenberg's seat at Williams for 2011 winning his first point last weekend in Belgium.

On a personal level, he is a self proclaimed Socialist and a personal friend of controversial Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, which probably explains the backing from PDVSA.... Oh, and he's 26 and is still wearing braces on his teeth.
Also, I'm not a violent man but if e tried that shit on the ExtremeNinja I would have to unleashe the dragon punch. He'd better make sure that chinstrap on his helmet is nice and tight.
Indeed F1ang-o vid's of some of his escapades are posted somewhere including one I think I posted where he manages to T-bone several competitors under a safety car. The question that has to be asked is whether there is an incurable psychological defect or can he yet be trained out of his current mode of thinking. Whichever is the case I, personally, think he should be out of F1 until it's sorted out one way or the other.

You see that curb there Pastor? You won't be able to make the turn when you hit it....

EDIT - When Webber unequivocally backs Hamilton, that gives you a pretty good idea of how egregious this move was.
Isn't it likely that Maldonado is emboldened by his exorbitant Pay-Driver status?

When you're team has already collected 46 Million dollars for the (privilege :sick:) of having you in the car, you must feel like you can do no wrong. I mean, you obviously cant be sacked, and when you're not fighting for the Championship, why not throw caution to the wind, as Pastor does at least thrice a race.

With the PDVSA arrangement due to continue through 2015, there is no incentive for Maldonado to curtail his reckless driving. It's not an understatement to call his seat the most secured in F1.
It's such a shame that we've seen the best and the worst in Maldanado this season. I think it's pretty clear that if he hadn't had a rush of blood to his brain he would have passed Hamilton at some point with those couple of laps left. Hamilton's tyres were shot and all that was needed was a bit of patience and it would have been job done.
The thing to remember about Maldonado is that he cost himself and his team a certain 12 points and an almost certain 15 points with that move, to stick in the debit pile with the 6th place in Australia and God-knows-where in Monaco.
If that was Schumacher, Alonso or Hamilton the uproar would have been tenfold

Having looked at it now and seeing Pastor was off the track therefore really he should not have done what he did

I was gonna say another great drive and podium and I could not believe it :crazy::givemestrength::crazy: for Hamilton... I was not sure if Lewis should have just yielded as everyone was closing right behind him..if only if it was Monaco

problem with Pastor he is quick no doubt so he 'll either bring the car home or junk the chassis much like Jean Alesi use to .
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