Caption Competition Palmer, Brundle, Button, Hamilton


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What's going on with these four dads then?



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JB "My kid's quicker than your kid" - JP "Fight you for it"

Shit, Brundle has been at my shirts again.

"Ewwww don't look, it's that picture of Briatore"


This cost me a tenner, but so L'Oreal.
Racing Dad's Anonymous meeting held in McLaren motorhome for the first time in history.

JB: "what's this shit in front of me? You don't get a nose like this from drinking coffee!"

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Jonathan Palmer is appalled when John Button utters the immortal "...pull my finger, go on- pull it, or I'll thump ya, you great pansy..."


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You aven't lived, when I were young we lived in a cardboard box in't midlle of the road...


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MB: My son is racing again this weekend
JB: You mean my son
MB: No, but Jenson is racing as well
JB: Well I got around a bit...


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John Button reacts with anger when asked did he think that Jonathon Palmer had signed the wrong Hamilton and Button to his new team.

Have they got what it takes to beat the Egg Heads

Palmer: "Oi! Blundell out you go son"


MB Alright everybody cough up some green for the little lady, come on throw in a buck.

JB uh uh I don't tip.

MB You don't tip?

JB No I don't believe in it.

MB You don't believe in tipping?

JP Do you know what these chicks make? They make shit!

JB If she don't make enough money she can quit.

And so on...



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Marx's brothers reunion gets out of hand as Harpo is pissed again

John B: I love you, you're my mate you are

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All: John, what on earth are you talking about?
JB: And that was Jenson's 73rd GP, 74 was May 30th 2004, he finished on the podium exactly 22.533 behind that pesky German, we all remember who that is don't we guys?


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JB: so i told 'im, "don't be a ****" i told 'im. But d'you know what? He was a **** anyway.
JP: 'old up, there's some **** wiv a camera.
AH: ooh, can I be in the pic? I've got **** all reason to be at a race these days.
MB: McLaren, of course, are the quintissential British racing team.
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