Poll Out of ten - Austrian Grand Prix 2014

Out of Ten - Aystrian Grand Prix 2014

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No passing through my dirty air please
No one has done this thread yet so thought I'd do the honours. Hope thats ok.

The first half was interesting but for me it fizzled out after half way as with his 'brake saving' I never thought Lewis would really get Rosberg. The brakes are obviously a Merc weakness its just a shame no one can really push them to exploit it.

Alonso pulled off his usual saving drive whilst Kimi sunk down the grid again. As usual Perez did something different on strategy and this time got a result out of it and K-Mag drove a crap Mclaren to a decent result.

Oh and Bottas podium.

Not great but watchable. A generous 7 for me.
I gave it a 3 nothing about got me excited Williams weren't really interested in trying to win they just wanted the points for both cars they even stated that before the race a Merc 1, 2 was always going to be the result even if Lewis had started from the pit lane. a total snooze fest...
It started well and was full of promise. Hamiltons opening lap was a blinder!
The Williams McLaren battle shows that it might not just be a two horse race after all.

Once the mercs got in front though it felt as if the team decided to bring both cars home safely after the events in Canada. While I don't think any specific team orders were issued as far as overtaking was concerned it looked like the team wanted both cars to stay down on power to keep them both running.

Hamilton was catching Rosberg with the reduced power settings but I think if both cars were running at maximum we would have had more of a race on our hands.

Generous 7 but only because of the opening half of the race.
The first 20 laps were 10/10 the last 50 laps were 3/10.
If my maths is serving me thats 5/10 average.
But got to give 1 extra point because my favorite team Williams got a podium. So pleased that they have found form, I hope it continues.

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Difficult to choose between 6 and 7. Williams clearly were out to score 27 points, who can blame them for that after all that has happened so far this year. Hamilton never looked like actually being in a position to have a go at Rosberg who once again drove an excellent, if unspectacular, race.

Oh, go on, it was in Austria which is a magnificent country. 7.
It certainly is a pale shadow of its original incarnation but the track does seem to lend itself to close battles.
7 for me. It was a good race and tactically there was an element of unknown because it was so much warmer than the previous 2 days that we didn't know how tyre degradation would pan out so that kept it intereting in the second half.
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I gave it a 7 as well, decent race and enjoyable to watch but not as good as a few of the other races we've had so far this season.
7. Great track and some great racing, not to mention the drama of the Red Bulls struggling on their home track and Vettel's car having problems when the team told him to step up his game. LOL
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