Poll Out of ten - 2012 Australian Grand Prix

2012 Australian Grand Prix out of ten.

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How exciting was the Aussie GP? Rate out of ten. Please rate out of the quality of racing and the excitement levels, not whether you favourite driver/team crashed/won/retired/finished out of the points etc.
I wanted to go with 8.5 but was not quite enough to round up to 9. Great race. The only thing missing for me was some jostling for position at the very front. Few too many dropouts at the sharp end which left us with a few potentially non-indicative results.

What we got and what we did see bodes well for a good season ahead.
The first race always feels better than most (except Bahrain 2010)...

We don't know where the teams are and neither do they.
The cars are usually unreliable.
The drivers are usually rusty.

All of the above usually creates a mixed up grid and opportunities for incidents.

This year had a good balance but not a classic.

I was pleased with DRS zones and the BBC TV coverage.
Really pleased with Williams despite not getting the results in the end... but I'm biased.
It was quite good, but a fight at the front was missing, but it had everything, plus several retirements which we haven't in ages, so I will give it a 7-8.

Yeah, by the standards of your average F1 race it was great but it's what I've come to expect from Albert Park. First corner screw ups, jumbled up grid, paint tradin, all of it. Why can't we come to Melbourne twice and drop Valencia?

I gave it a 9 but then again Button won and I have been starved of F1 for a few months I'm probably looking at it through rose tinted googles, so it probably deserved a 7


I feel like I'm on "Come dine with me"
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