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Too old to watch the Asian races live.
I see that Marussia is advertising for an aerodynamicist on exclusively. It seems to me that, if they are still looking for one at this late date it doesn't bode well for their prospects.
I went for an interview at a well known F1 team a couple of years ago. The job wasn't really quite right (but not too far off either), but It's definitely a good way of getting a free tour.
Damn surely this isn't gonna get them higher than there already are. I see another season of scrapping with HRT just too not finish last at this stage. Timo Glock surely can't be please by this, he was promised an improved car for 2012.
Timo should have gone to Williams, but that ship has sailed, bet he wish he'd gone to Caterham instead of Marussia as they're a team that actually look as though they might be in F1 for quite some time.
I think Fernandez had a long term goal for his team when he first came into F1, i'm surprised a number of drivers didn't want a look in at that team. Financially it's the best of all of the new teams and looks like it's heading places. So yeah Timo must be kicking himself in the guts at this moment in time.
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