Nurburgring in trouble!

Thank you tooncheese. I'd have missed this had I not decided to have a look in the deeper depths of Clip the Apex (on my return from Nohomeinterwebland for a while) and a little surprised no-one else has participated in this thread.

Having only had the pleasure of watching old race videos of the track and lunatic Gran Turismo racing on the old PS2 I've therefore had this on my list of things to do before I die. Unfortunately, it's also on my list of things that I'll only get to do if I suddenly and unexpectedly get very much better off financially than I am.

And herein lies the rub. On one level I'll be sorry to hear of the track's demise but on another level it's a fantasy for me anyway. I'm not sure which is the sadder state.

I will, however, feel for Sabina Schmidts (always thought it was Schmidt) as she was spectacular on Top Gear, both in the Transit and the deisel Jag. Two of TG's most memorable moments.
Hiya Fenderman I agree that it may be better to let the ring the die and not to ruin it with these opportunistic businessman after a few million. I've seen another article since and it claims manufactures fees for testing on the track have increased 20 fold and if they stay at one of the smaller hotels not owned by the ring, they they aren't allowed to use the track. Worrying times indeed.

On another note the lack of response may be due to me posting it in the wrong section really :rolleyes:
Good to make your acquainance tooncheese. Send a memo to Brogan (I'm a bit new at this forum business myself - resistance was futile) maybe he can move it for you.
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