Not Sutil-able for a top drive?


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Adrian Sutil remains a mystery to me. Came into F1 in 2007 and by the end of that season and certainly by early 2008 was being talked about as an up and coming talent yet here we are in 2011 and he's still in exactly the same place as he started.

He's faired well against his teammates - crushed Albers - pretty much kept pace with Fizzi and last year put Liuzzi in his place. He seems to have a legion of fans who rate him highly - at one point he was everyone fave second driver. There are always rumours connecting him with drives higher up the grid and he's always talked about as an under-rated talent. Yet the big move never comes and Adrian still sits at Force India picking up tail end points and making noises about leaving.

With recent illeged events its safe to say Sutil isn't going to be considered for a drive at Renault or any Renault powered team in the near future and is facing having an even higher rated team-mate compeating with him does this mean his time has past? Can anyone see an oppotunity for him to hit the front. Mclaren very nearly bought him in for the 2008 season instead of Kovi because of his relationship with Lewis - would he have been a success there? would he have had a better showing than Kovi?

It always makes me wonder when there is a driver who is rated so highly by his fans and the media that never seems to get the big move whether people in the know in the paddock see something we don't. Any thoughts on Mr Sutil?
This goes hand in hand with my thread on Paul di Resta.

I think if we see a few more races where Paul is able to out-qualify and/or finish ahead of Adrian in the race, then his time is effectively up.
After that he will be looking for drives further down the grid.

I'm not sure he's going to last that long though as the Force India announcement wasn't exactly supportive, specifically mentioning just the Spanish Grand Prix.
Sutil's always mystified me a bit - he seems to have garnered an F1 career on the back of being described as a "fierce competitor" by his good mate Lewis. Ok - he has rarely had a really good car, but when he did he only managed a 4th place at Monza after qualifying at the front end of the grid.

He's always struck me more as a crash magnet than anything else - the fierceness of his competition perhaps manifesting itself more as a total inability not to back down or play the percentages better when in wheel-to-wheel combat, which has resulted in an awful lot of race-ending contacts and pitstops for new nosecones. The Carbon Fibre Bill at F.I. for the last few seasons must have been horrendous!

Plus, he runs like a girl...:whistle:
I don't think Adrian will be wanting Lewis to describe him as a 'fierce competitor' in any possible up coming court cases!

Since Di Resta arrived there seems to be less of Sutil-mania then there was but at one point over on 606 if I'd suggest like Bones says that the guy was a bit of a crash magnet I'd be shot down in flames.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks he might have missed his oppotunity - and what with Timo having a Glock Strop we could have a few less Germans in F1 next year.

But am I missing something? Anyone want to jump to Adrian's defence?
He was suseptiable for crashes during his early career and perhaps he has had to tone down his driving style and perhaps that has affected his speed?
Maybe Adrian is already preparing for his next career as a cage-fighter. Lord knows that if he gets dusted by di Resta this year, he'll be lucky to drive for Virgin next season.
Many drivers seem to hang about in F1 long after their sell by date has expired. I get the feeling FI kept Sutil as they wanted some continuity in the team having dumped Liuzzi. Maybe is strength is on developing the car rather than out right pace on the track but he will pick up minor points places which, let's face it, is the best FI can hope for.

Can't see him being snapped up by a top team anytime in the near future although if Mercedes maintain their "all German" policy who knows?
Can't see him being snapped up by a top team anytime in the near future although if Mercedes maintain their "all German" policy who knows?

Surely Hulkenberg would be a better bet than Sutil for Schumacher's seat? He is a proven championship winner in GP2, as well as being an F1 polesitter, after all. I'd even place Glock ahead of Sutil in that position...
Ah, but this is the Mercedes team who employed one M Schumacher esq. to "lead" the return of the Silver Arrows to F1. And their, your Honour, I rest my case...

No, more serioulsy, your probably right RoB but the point I'm tyring ot make is that teams make strange choices on occasions. Derek Daly to Williams for example, Luca Badoer or Ivan Capelli at Ferrari. Fell free to add more or perhaps I'll start a "Strange Choice of Driver" thread.
Can of worms open their Axle!

I don't think Capelli was a strange choice just a complete flop.

However as you can prob see I'm a little bias as it was Ivan's drive at France in 1990 that got me into F1.

But anyway - seems its agreed Mr Sutil is a spent force - which prob means he'll be Red Bull's suprise choice to replace Webber at the end of the year.
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