Head To Head Nico Rosberg vs Lewis Hamilton


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Quite the opposite in fact HammydiRestarules

Nico Rosberg has been assured of equal status alongside Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes next year, AUTOSPORT has learned.

Mercedes has pulled off a coup in luring Hamilton away from McLaren, as it bids to ramp up its efforts to win the world championship in the next few years.

Although Hamilton is a star signing for Mercedes, and carries hopes of gunning for the title, sources have revealed that he will not be given number one status at the team.

Instead, it has been made clear to both the Briton and Rosberg that they will be treated equally - and both will have the same chance of gunning for glory.


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Let's not forget Rosberg and Hamilton had that little (almost) coming together in Bahrain, which ultimately resulted in the reg's being updated regarding defending.

I'm sure it's all forgotten now but it just goes to show that racing and friendships are compartmentalised, as they should be.


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I haven't rated Rosberg highly, that was until the 2010 season where he did very well for Mercedes, but looking back at that, Kubica in a inferior car, finished 6 points behind him that season.

Add to that, he's not put Schumacher in the shade at all, instead, the old dog is matching him on a consistent basis. Seems to have lost the consistency he had back in 2007-2010.

Hopefully he'll gear up and challenge Hamilton.


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I like Nico, but he seems to be one of the driver that never fulfilled his promise. That said, you never know, I could have said the same about Button only a few years ago, lots of promise initially followed by a long quiet period only to end up as WDC and then be competitive in a top team.


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The last time they were Merc teammates:





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Nico is a bit of a mystery to me, hard to tell how good he really is, so this is the perfect opportunity as he will be going against the fastest and one of the best drivers around. I expect him to raise to the challenge but only time will tell.


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I've been thinking about this match up and in light of the recent comments from Michael Schumacher it seems like a good time to mention my machinations.

Nico is an enigma to most people, he appears blindingly fast and simultaneously a bit of a journey man. He appears feisty and late on the brakes whilst simultaneously prone to say "after you claude" and concede. He is renowned for his engineering knowledge and yet the Mercedes has continued to flounder.

When Michael Schumacher returned Nico revelled in beating him day in and day out, yet this season it seems he hasn't even attempted to outshine Michael. Which leads me to suspect Nico thrives on the challenge of beating his team mate. And if his team mate is off the boil and unmotivated then even the challenge of winning a WDC isn't enough to wet his appetite.
I suspect Lewis joining Mercedes will be the best thing that ever happened to him in his F1 career. :friends:


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I think 2013 will be Nico's sink or swim year especially if you factor in that his Merc contract is up for renewal. I've always been a Nico sceptic but ots not because I don't think he has the speed or talent its because I've never seen him produce it consistantly unlike his new team mate. The Lewis thing could kick life into him though. Lewis is being lovely and nice and telling Merc to give him an equal chance which I think is great of him but if I was Nico I'd be slightly put out because, lets face it, who doesn't want their team mate to be worried about them? If I was Nico I'd be much happier if Lewis wasn't championing his course and was trying to find every advantage he can so he doesn't get beat.

Drivers being nice to each other is usually mind games. Have we noticed how Lewis and Alonso have named each other as the ones to beat in order to throw Seb off coz he's the one they really think they need to beat. Alonso is a bugger for that when Lewis was quickest he said Schumacher was one to watch. Whether Lewis means it this way or not, He might just like his friend, him saying give Nico equal equiptment kind of comes across to the world as him saying I have no worries abour beating him.

Mr Rosberg needs to send out a clear message he's not Heiki Kovalainen and get it sent quick.


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Button to replace Rosberg at Mercedes in 2014. Whitmarsh to replace Brawn. You heard it here first.

**Runs for cover =====>>>>>**

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I find it difficult to make a comparison between the two of them from their F1 histories.

Hamilton has not had a single year when his car was not the best at sometime during the season and has racked up 21 wins.

Rosberg has had one weekend during his career when he was in the fastest car resulting in his sole win.

Only time will tell who will come out on top.
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