Head To Head Nico Rosberg vs Lewis Hamilton

I'll admit that this is a match up I have actually been looking forward to.

Rosberg s a highly rated driver, but has had limited exposure to a really challenging team mate in f1, so there has not been any real gauge of what he is capable of.

Also, it would be interesting to see what lewis can do with the Mercedes car, and how things develop over the seasons.

All in all it is quite a mouth watering prospect!!
I think Rosberg will most definitely be the number two driver next year.
How can you let a seven time WC go and not tell the incoming driver he won't have no1 status?
So they were lying to the world then when they said both drivers are equal?

Not to mention breaching Rosberg's contract which states, I am led to believe, that he won't be number 2 driver.
I believe Hamilton has seen it from Alonso/Prost/Schumacher's point of view, you need the whole team including your co driver behind you.
I may be wrong but don't shoot me for having an opinion.:)
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