Head To Head Sir Lewis Hamilton V George Russell

i never got this story 12 months ago i got it, & longer the contract negoations went on i was 50/50 if he would be here in march 2021. but he will be in march 2022. there is no way he wants to end his career like that
If Ferrari is as good as we hope then it will emerge as Mercedes strongest rivals because they have the best driver pair on the grid
Just watched Craig Slater on Sky on YouTube about whether Hamilton will be back at 2022

Craig Slater is just a walking clickbait. He usually just turns up at a race weekend on a Thursday, asks some benign questions and then disappears. I long since stopped listening to what he has to say.
The Hamilton PR machine is VERY efficient. Occasionally it comes unstuck (usually when Lewis goes off-piste, such as his move to Monaco and the "slum" he grew up in), but I seriously doubt there is a single utterance from the Wolfman which isn't coordinated and agreed.
Hamilton is doing exactly what i would expect he taking time out of the spotlight, having some time away & recovering. we wont hear from him for another month. when the testing begins. which where i dislike media because they had to fill time. they just cant leave things aloe

if anything like Verstappen we havent heard anything from him for 3 weeks. as like anything & im sure Massa had to do this in before 2009 if you never take time away you'll never deal with the emotions & that will impact on next season & you'll getting in a spiral
Over the years, Hamilton has been accused of anything.
And that he drives on someone else's settings. Well yes... especially on Alonso's settings... Alonso was won.
And that the every time team was built for him to the detriment of his teammates. Well yes... especially Rosberg became the champion in 2016...
And that he wins only at the expense of strong cars... Well, and win and pole in every year in Formula 1.
In recent years, one of the main accusations to Hamilton was Bottas' toothlessness against his partner.

Now it will be interesting to see how it turns out against the young, daring and promising teammate.
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And that he wins only at the expense of strong cars... Well, and win and pole in every year in Formula 1.
thats a great point & i dont think any driver has ever taken a pole & win in every year of their career, which is incredible achievement

i am fascinated next season because in how the older more experienced driver competes v young up & coming driver. is it going to be Vettel & Leclerc 2019. Alonso V Hamilton 2007. or is it going to Button V Perez 2013
It will be like Button / Perez, but with Russell actually realising that he has still got something to learn.
Perez still hasn’t twigged.
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