Head To Head Nico Hülkenberg vs Sergio Pérez


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Hulkenburg came into Force India on a massive high. Frequent higher-middle positional fights with Fernando Alonso, impressive performances and the adulation of the casual supporter was his. The next big thing?

Perez came into Force India on a massive low. Backed only by Martin Whitmarsh, he left McLaren in their worst year, no podium, no sniff of a podium. He just edged his seat...

The first two races seemed to confirm Hulkenburg's superiority, but as in 2013, Perez found Bahrain a place to get his hopes up. The Force's first podium since Fisichella's big day at Spa in 2009, and suddenly Perez looks a proper frontrunner in a car that looks far less shabby than we'd been lead to believe.

But, hold on, Hulkenburg is 3rd in a more important place - the Championship. He's been consistent, he's had 3 good finishes and he's still battling with Alonso in every race.

An intriguing battle, then? I must praise Force India, however, for getting the best possible driver line-up for their resources last summer.
I didn't think Perez had the best support at McLaren and they ruined his confidence a bit. He was fortunate to salvage a seat at FI that late in the day but I thought getting rid of Di Resta was a step in the right direction. He hid behind his errors with his constant moaning. A bit like Any Murray tbh. Both as dull as a dishwasher.
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For me this was the team that I was most looking forward to seeing this season. I like the Checo and Hulkenberg partnership it has the potiential to do very well this season. Would love to see how this podium would do to the teams confidence and what will Hulkenberg do to respond? This team now is gonna go forward I can feel it :).
Given their relative grid positions (mainly due to Hulkenberg getting it wrong in Q2), I think that the Hulk edged it yesterday, in spite of Checo's nevertheless well-deserved podium. A great result for the team though, and another team-mate battle this season that promises to be very competitive. I'm sure they are both itching to get back on it at Shanghai.
Even though Vijay Mallya comes across as a complete cockwomble, I voted for The Force in the fave teams poll. Still difficult to believe that Hulkenberg still hasn't taken a podium yet - surely that's going to change soon. I wouldn't even put a win past them if the Mercs have an off-day - they're definitely in the mix to be best of the rest.
Perez being shorter will have a weight advantage over Hulkenberg, which could translate into a significant time advantage in races. For Hulkenberg to do well he has to be a fantastic driver and live on celery. He is a very good driver. I don't know if he lives on celery.
The Hulk destroyed his tyres fighting through the field as 3rd position was his for the taking if it were not for that

I expect the Hulk to beat Sergio over a season. Sergio took advantage that his teammate made a mistake in Q2
and benefited greatly

Paul Di Resta must feel sick to see what he is missing out on
Force India must feel sick thinking about the time they had to put up with Di Resta as a driver and how stupid they were not get some talent like they have this year in quicker.

Perez is a lovely chap and has the odd day when he's very very quick. However I still think he'll get Hulked over the season.
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