Newey signs an extension with Red Bull Racing

'Cos he saw the engine and didn't manage to 'compensate' with the aero. etc.?
Bringing the Prancing Horse back to prominence and bagging a boatload of cash might have been tempting, but in the end it would probably have been a giant headache that Newey doesn't need right now. He's got the run of the roost at Milton Keynes and more money than anyone would ever need. No surprise here.
And aircraft, looks like he won't be designing the car I think the main aim for RedBull was to keep Newey out of Ferrari's hands which they have achieved....
I am now really really really hoping he goes away and actually makes that RedBull Car from GT5 & 6.

.....and makes it road legal.

Not his exact words but Newey just stated live on TV to Brundle that "I always said I never wanted to spend my whole career in motor racing and it's time for some new challenges".
What about the challenge of making this year's Bull competitive with the Mercs? He hasn't accomplished THAT yet!
I thought you knew it was all Renault's fault? And obviously the Merc was crippled, but his car just won.

Also, Vettel just qualified third on one of their theoretical bogey tracks.
Exactly, Red Bull need the Mercedes cars to be crippled to win. Considering the facts that the rear braking was well down due to failure of the MGU-K and that this lost Rosberg drive power the Red Bull cars did not fare very well.
Both Red Bull were held all race by the Force India's though, so we never got to see their true pace against the Mercedes, the deficit wouldn't have been as bad.
I think it is fair to say though that Mercedes' engine is miles better than Red Bulls, and they're holding off a lot of teams they really shouldn't have based on their pre-season. Haven't they been top non-Merc qualifier at every round as well?
I think the general consensus is that Newey's chassis is on par, if not better than the Merc's.

Let that imagination run wild in any endeavor you can dream up Adrian! :thumbsup:
I'm pretty sure but for being stuck behind the one stopping Force India's we'd have seen a Red Bull 1-2 at Canada. For a fair indication of how good the chassie Newy built is you need to look at where Vettel was compared to the Merc's before the first pit stop. Not massivly close but well ahead of others and when you think they are running the weakest engine on an engine reliant track you have to come to the conclusion Newy has done a good job.
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