MotoGP Moto GP What wil happen to Donington Park now it has F1


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So In Formula One has decided to swich the British Gp from Sliverstone to Donington from 2010, What affect will this have on the Britsh Gp event in Moto Gp. Will this put donington's futre in the Moto Gp in Doubt, can they run two high profile events like that a year. Also a lot of changes will have to be Made to the track to bring it upto F1 standereds on and off the Track, Is it possible to to work around this so if the Moto Gp is is going to conintue in the long Term, they dont have to find a short term option,

If Moto Gp did have move away could it affect the populartiy of the race, as it is such an icon, and where could the race move to?
It would Gm hopefully Doningto can run the two races, and at worst Only has to miss one race becasue of it,

Not sure weather Sliverstone would suit MotoGp though, but with Brands the only othero bivous option and unlikey with the strict noise restrictions >:( Sliverstone could be the only possability
I really hope it stays at Donington, but they're going to have to rip up the track at some point. Sad to say, but I can see it going to Silverstone too.
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