Most ironic quote of the year?


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Just read the article on autosport on the FIA taking a step back from any on track contact, which seemed very sensible (FIA and sensible in the same sentence :shocked: ).

All was good until this quote from Maldando :

Earlier this year, Pastor Maldonado expressed his own fears of drivers not pushing as much as they wanted because of the penalty situation.

"[The threat of penalties means] you cannot race, you need to only stay on track and wait for problems," he said.
"If you attack and your manoeuvre is not that clear, or the guy is defending the place and you have a gamble, and you are fighting, you can be penalised. So they [the FIA] need to be slightly more flexible."

Could the bold be a candidate for the ironic/comedy quote of the season?
Perhaps he was talking about the car! "you need to only stay on track and wait for problems" seems to sum it up this year for Lotus.
Maybe keeping that Lotus on track is a problem in itself.
Generally I think relaxing the blame culture is a good idea but the thought of giving Maldonado too much freedom to 'race' is a wee bit scary.

Funny how in the old days when it was an incredibly dangerous sport crashes were racing incidents whereas now it's a lot safer there's constant penalties. I suppose back then the drivers knew a mistake could cost a life and the only times cars hit each other was by accident whereas now there's a bit of a dodgems culture.
It will be good if we get some more adventurous passes.
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