Monisha Kaltenborn

Well this woman is an inspiration for women wanting to get into F1.

In 2010 she became the CEO of the Sauber F1 team and by 2012 she's now become the first woman to be an F1 team principal. I think this achievement is a thread deserved on its own.

Rumors are also mounting that Bernie Ecclestone has targeted Monisha as an heir to his F1 empire as well :).

All I can say is :goodday: off to this extraordinary women, who will surely inspire women like myself to get into F1 :).
Well done Monisha.I for one am very pleased to see her in her new role and wish her every success.
Speaking from a personal view the women in senior roles in our company have proved to be equally as good as any men and are very capable indeed.If you consider that they are working in predominantly male enviroment they have no problems in proving their capabilities.
She's been around very publicly at Sauber, essentially running the team and the number one face for it, for about 2 years now Brogan. Very surprising you haven't heard of her!
surely you've seen her Brogan? she's often interviewed or shown on tv during races. Sauber lady :D That's how I think of her, cos I can't always remember her name.
Sorry, I don't watch any of the pre- or post- race fluff.
Just the qualifying and race and that's it.

What it does highlight though, is how selective the online media is when it comes to teams and their principals.
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