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So, finally, and for the one and only time, Formula E gets itself onto a stretch of F1 track. Admittedly, it is the slowest bit of track on the F1 calendar, but it'll be interesting nonetheless.

Yes, the Monaco ePrix circuit is on a heavily modified version of the iconic Circuit de Monaco, with the usual blast up to a tighter Ste. Devote, which now leads on to JF Kennedy avenue down to a hairpin at the erstwhile Nouvelle Chicane. Then it is the familiar route - Tabac, Piscine, Rascasse, Antony Nogues - to go again.

Of course, the familial history shows no Piquet ever won at Monaco, while Sennas and Prosts were much more successful. Jarno Trulli's achievement of being the first over the line in 2004 in F1 is perhaps more important.

Lucas di Grassi's extremely narrow championship lead from countryman Piquet is surely under threat given the latter's form. We await the first twice-Formula E winner: Vergne, Abt and Heidfeld have looked likely at various times, so the winner could be anyone. It is straight after Barcelona qualifying, so competition for GP2? Who knows?
I am trying to find an overlay of the F1 circuit and the F-ePrix circuit but no luck yet.

I may have to knock one up myself using photoshop.
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Not an overlay but the best I can find Mephistopheles

MiniDrivers maps! :D

I think that F1 break coinciding with the Formula E break might have been a good thing for me. I'm really excited about the Monaco e-Prix, more so than I would have been without that long break. With that being the case, I really don't want F1's 2016 schedule to be as over-packed as they appear to be planning, those longer breaks are great for building anticipation. I still want shorter breaks between races in Formula E though, but that's all part of the plan already, according to Agag, so that's good.
First time we saw quali love on TV. Not sure I like the format. Race should be fun with Piquet and Di Grassi already having fallen out.
Senna flew over Abt's car like a bullet down JFK! ;)

Race wasn't the best Formula E race we've seen. Got tasty on the track between the championship leaders. Good win from Buemi - its what he should have been doing all year!

Oh and in case you were starting to like Piquet I'll leave you with following quote when asked about a long running rivalry.

"Not really a rivalry I've raced against him in karts, F3 and GP2 and I've always been in front of him so I'll be in front of him in Formula E eventually"

Modest chap huh?
Finally got round to watching this, pretty good race by Monaco standards and I thought the circuit was an interesting layout. Not completely sure why they couldn't use the whole F1 track unless it was just to avoid comparisons in lap times. I'm sure Bernie wouldn't want to be embarrassed by a low line milk float going faster than one of the hybrid machines.

Anyway, good race with some exciting overtaking efforts and the inevitable first lap pile up. Is it me or are these cars made out of cardboard? I appreciate the car is unlikely to survive Senna's efforts to recreate Derek Daly's flying Tyrrell from 1980 but some of the other bumps and bangs which resulted in broken suspensions or bits of body work flying off didn't look very hard.
I'm sure Bernie wouldn't want to be embarrassed by a low line milk float going faster than one of the hybrid machines.

I reckon its the other way round - Formula E would look pedestrian through the tunnel, but bears comparison in speed through Tabac, Piscine and Rascasse.
it most probably that the short track was completed and then whilst the race was on they carried on setting up the long track the locals don't like the disruption as it is.
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