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Since I'm not really into phones I used to be anymore, I thought I would put up a thread for phones.

I started tuning out of phone when new models started being brought out frequently. I remember back in the day when a new phone came out, it had an amazing new feature which grab your attention and would take competitors a while to catch up. Such as internet on the phone, a music player and all sorts. Now it's got a bit out of hand really.

The main thing is, I need a bit of phone advice LOL

Currently right now, I have a Nokia N8, it's good, but it's a bit slow and out-dated, and seems quite hard to get used to, I've had it for nearly two years, compared to the other mobiles that were out at that time, I found it lacking. I use my phone for texting, calling, and surfing the web. I wasn't really looking for a replacement for my phone as I have an iPod Touch 4th generation along with the Nokia N8/, but since my friend is selling one of his, I thought why not. But the iPod has a cracked screen (works fine though), but seems to be showing some signs of packing it in, and was thinking upgrading to the iPod touch 5th generation.

But upgrading both will be expensive, if I get a new phone, I will sell my old one, but I will keep the iPod as I doubt I'll get a good price for it.

The phone that my friend is selling is his iPhone 4 16GB White which is getting refurbished and all for £120-150. I'm a bit skeptical of getting it, since now two new versions have came out and the update apparently is causing problems for the old Apple products. But I've also been looking at the Nokia Lumia 900, which brand new will cost me £280, but seems to have amazing reviews, has won several awards, and still looks to be one of the best mobile phones on the market.

Out of the two of these phones, which one should I get and why?
I'm not a phone fanatic I do have the iphone 4s and it's okay I suppose although it did go wrong and was replaced for free (Even though it was me who spilt a can of beer on it and my brother gave it me it for free anyway.) the one you are looking at is definitely worth 120 quid.

As for your ipod you won't need it if you buy the iphone but if you want to keep it I do know they will not replace the broken screen but you can simply add it to the contents insurance of the place where you live and claim the repair fee on that. (That's what my sister did with her sons ipad.) I don't know much about Nokia these days but they have always been a top brand....
This is the iPhone 4 not 4s though.

But thanks for your input.

Can you shed more light on the broken screen thing?
I have an iPhone 4s. I switched Siri off because it's a bolloxy gimmick. As a phone it's not brilliant, my Blackberry was better as a phone and for e-mail but for apps and that the is have it.
I have the iPhone 4 16gb in Black, got that 2nd from my mate for a reasonable price. With the i06 update it's basically the same phone as the iphone 5 so it is fairly future proof for the next couple of years.

Only downside to apple is that once you buy into their products you have to keep buying apple in order to use the existing apps. Android phones can transfer apps between them I believe.

If you've got apps already for your ipod you will be able to transfer them to your iphone should you get one.

On my phone I have around 100 apps of various sizes and that takes up approx 2.5gb, leaves plenty of room for music and anything else you want on your phone. I've not had any problems with it since the update, although I've heard the 3GS is starting to struggle.
I'm changing the original topic of this thread but the title is apt so I'll stick it here... sorry for derailing it Slyboogy but hopefully you've decided by now, and if not this might help!

Today on the Gadget Show they were reviewing three of the latest smart phones; the iPhone 5, HTC One X (Android) and Nokia Lumix 920 (Windows Phone 8). I only mention it because I was amazed to see that, probably for the first time in mainstream media, they absolutely ripped in to the iPhone and decided it was the worst phone out of the three. They ranked it below the other two in things ranging from battery life, camera, call quality and even build quality. Overall their favourite was the Lumix 920.

I'm personally not an "Apple person", although I appreciate their products are good. I just think this is a bit of a landmark in the sense of the general public maybe starting to realise that the iPhone doesn't have a significant advantage over the competition any more, and in fact may be falling behind.
I haven't made a decision, but I think I'm going to go for the Nokia Lumix 920 when I get the funds, instead of getting a new phone, I went and bought a car and laptop instead LOL

The iPhone really is overrated, several phones out there that beat it hands down, but it just has that status that brings the majority of people towards it.
Sign of the times when you can afford a computer + car for the price of a phone :rolleyes:
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