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in celebration of the 1000th GP. i thought id do a Milestone Quiz. very simple what was the year, what country hosted it (circuit acceptable as well) & who won. point for each so 36pts up for grabs

i wasnt sure if it too difficult so we have clue to the year

1950 Britain Giuseppe Farina

1961 Germany Sterling Moss

1971 Monaco Jackie Stewart

1974 USA Carlos Reutermann

1978 South Africa Ronnie Peterson

1984 Austria Niki Lauda

1990 Australia Nelson Piquet

1997 Argentina Jacques Villeneuve

2003 Brazil Giancarlo Fisichella

2005 China Fernando Alonso

2008 Singapore Fernando Alonso

2014 Bahrain Lewis Hamilton
i shouldve double checked the Berlin wall im assuming. because i thought it was same year as i was born. but looking i confused when it was "opened" & to when it was knocked down

cider_and_toast can you take the berlin wall part down ironically leaving mandela as im unable
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F1Brits_90 corrected to read demolished.

If you ask people "when the Berlin Wall fell" or "when did the Berlin Wall come down?" they will think, as you said, of when it opened for the first time.
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