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Michael Schumacher has pointed an accusing finger at Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso following qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix.

Schumacher qualified in seventh in his Mercedes, but felt it could have been better had he been able to clear Alonso and Hamilton at vital times. The German was not happy with the matter and went as far as to seek out approached FIA representative Charlie Whiting to ask for a rules clarification.

"Basically on my last try, I was slowed down by him," Schumacher said of Alonso. "I asked him whether the team had told him, and he said 'no'.

"It's difficult in a way because he's on his in-lap and worrying about other things other than watching the mirror, but saying that, we had this chat yesterday in the drivers' briefing - that care should be taken about this - and he was one of the main guys [talking] about it.

"I had a conversation with Charlie about this as well, because I need to know what is the reference, what are the guidelines here, what are the rules?

"Because if the rules have changed a little bit to what they used to be, I need to know what you would be okay with, and what not.

"I had a similar issue with Lewis, that he was preparing his lap and blocking me in a way, which is not very nice."
[from espnf1.com]

Anyone think Alonso has any reason to block Schumacher in qualifying? Aside from that, Schumacher qualified 7th in Bahrain as well, and he was beat by Rosberg in Q1 and Q2. This suggests also that 7th was his natural position.

Although blocking is a serious concern in F1 in the 21st Century, but I get the feeling that the man in car #3 is looking for excuses as to why he's not banging poor cars on pole as he was in 1996/7. For someone who has come back for enjoyment's sake, he seems to be getting het up about a huge number of issues!

Essentially, I think the rules have changed little since 2006, but also the rules should have changed for the liberaller since 2006 anyway. Alonso's penalty for being on the same straight as Felipe Massa in 2006 was utterly bizzare, and Schumacher wasn't complaining then.

He's just upset that the rules aren't bending over backwards to accomodate him any more, as they were in 1994 (Deliberate crash, yes), 1997 (DQed but keeps the records? :crazy:) and 2006 (should not have started Monaco GP for that stunt, LCH would be hauled over hot coals). He needs to grow up and get on with it.
Wondered how long this would take?

Yes Michael Schumacher is evil, He is a cheat and all 7 titles were won because he had satan on his side.
In fact Schumacher is just a German real life Dick Dastardly except that for schumi Cheating pays.

Infact what has been said is pretty reasonable and i dont see why past events have to of been brought up, (Even Damon Hill has got over 1994 and admitted in hindsight he could of been more patient)

It is actually a situation that needs to be sorted out, With so little time in each session to set your time, there are always going to be incidents like this if Lotus, Virgin and HRT can get competitive i can see warfare insusing as a Top team ends up 20 something because somebody gets in the way.

Also this tactic of pretty much stopping on track, is a bad one because its always going to have an affect on other drivers, with a consentina effect happening and drivers on a fast lap being held up. everybody is going to end up a victim of it sometime.

Drivers and teams need to wise up a bit i think and all are guilty of it, especially when you consider all the technology that is supposed make sure a driver get some space on track.

In fact the biggest problem is the qualifying itself, Never liked the knockout system and as nothing going for it, Personally i think Quali should go back to the 'Superpole' rules. Actually the old fashioned 60 minutes to do 12 laps would still do very nicely thank you.
If he's complaining now, wait until Monaco...

I expect there are going to be so many problems due to 24 cars and the relatively short circuit length, it will be virtually impossible not to impede anyone.
Traffic is always going to be a problem and Bro is spot on when he says it will be it's absolute worst at Monaco.

I also agree with AMR that there was nothing wrong with the 60 minute show down. The problem of course was that it didn't get much TV action for all those lovely sponsors who are courted by both Bernie and the teams with the promise of maximum exposure. Maybe that's changed a little now that grid numbers are back up again and the newbies will once again be tempted to run early in the session gaining maximum exposure for their sponsors while the teams at the other end of the grid are prepared to play the waiting game.

Deliberate blocking should of course, be dealt with by the stewards if a driver makes a complaint and there is a case to be answered. The problem with Michael is that you always get the feeling that when the going gets tough the tough start moaning. Of all his past crimes parking his car at the apex of La Rascasse to prevent Alonso from taking poll means that Michael is always going to be seen as the pot calling the kettle black.

Maybe the best way to resolve the traffic issue is to provide an exit for the cars to return to the pits after the start finish line, perhaps after the first corner. This would remove the need for cars to tour round the remainder of the track getting in the way of other cars. Of course that wouldn't be possible at every track and especially at Monaco which will be this years biggest problem child.

Also, if Melbournes pit lane is deemed to tight that the speed limit has to be reduced to 60kmh, what on earth will happen at Monaco? 20kmh?
To be honest, I have never liked the moaning that has always pervaded F1. Weber and Alonso are champs in that category, and previously Mansell and Senna did more than their fair share as well. I am afraid that it may be an offshoot of the competitive nature of the top-level drivers. None can accept that anyone can be faster than they are, so there must be some sculldugary at work.

I am somewhat willing to give MS the benefit of the doubt here in regards to wanting a clarification-he has, after all, not competed in several years and rules have undoubtedly changed.

One last thought. If you condemn MS's antics in parking @ Rascasse (which surely deserved condemnation), you must also be willing to comdemn Senna's similar antics @ Monaco in 1985. He didn't park, he just circulated at pram-pushing speed for the rest of the session, making it impossible for anyone to supplant him on pole. This tactic so annoyed Alboreto that he forced AS up the escape road at Rascasse to teach him a lesson.
I had a long winded post that beautifully summed up my response. It never posted. So here's a summary!

  • He's not Dick Dastardly, he's the best ever, of course he has a chequered (pun intended) record.
  • His past performance must be brought up to give a sense of perspective
  • I want the whole damn lot of them to grow up, MS is first to blink in 2010
  • And, yes, I would be willing to condemn Senna's actions; but not my era!
It's the usual posturing of drivers/teams.

I don't think he is whining just for the sake of it, he is doing it to make himself and the Mercedes team not look quite as uncompetitive as they have been/are.
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