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Have a hug Kewee .
This has raised an issue. What do other people do to take their mind of things.
This is obviously the wrong thread for it, so can someone please move it to wherever it belongs. Thanks.
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Kewee sorry to hear your news. Keep fighting. I've really enjoyed our intellectual debates over the years I have known you. Looking forward to many more.


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Thank you very much for your kind thoughts Greenlantern101, I've also enjoyed our debates and hope they continue. I am a fighter and will always fight this, never good to feel sorry for myself otherwise my troubles could swallow me up. I'm doing quite well and have discovered something that's hugely helpful. I know this is off topic but it may help anyone who's been diagnosed with Parkinson's. Specialists globally have known for some time that cycling is very good for Parkinson sufferers, a new discovery for me. I always loved cycling, but the other nasty I was diagnosed with, spinal arthritis meant selling my sports bike, damn. I've now bought an electric European style step through with an upright riding position. It takes the weight off my back and keeps my spine straight. No pain and I can ride for miles, hills and wind don't matter with a bit of electric help. The belief is the rhythmic motion of peddling reprograms the portion of the brain that controls movement. All I know is the improvements I experience are incredible and continue right through the day following a bike ride. I love my new bike, cheers Greenlantern101. :cheers:


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Wow Max Verstappen, a racing god from 16th to 4th. Incredible, no other driver could have achieved that in the Red Bull. Greatest of all time, already?
No surprise that Red Bull was desperate to extended his contract until 2020.


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Vettel started from the pit lane in Abu Dhabi in 2012 and finished 3rd.
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