Max Chilton

There has been speculation about this guy potentially being on the F1 grid next season as the 2nd Marussia driver so does this guy deserve to be there on merit or is he a pay per driver ?

Brother of Tom who races in touring cars because he is too tall for F1.
His junior record is not impressive as he was only 4th in British F3 2009 won by his teammate Daniel Ricciardo and 4th in Gp2 this season behind Sauber bound Gutierrez, Razia and Valsechi ( neither of the latter two appear have found drives for 2013)

However he has shown capability now and then to race at the front with wins and podiums occasionally

Before the British press starts hyping this guy as a potential world champion. What is his true potential out of curiousity?
Well I doubt he will be able to showcase his talents in a Marussia. I am sure he will get a season or two in F1 and then exit stage right. I hope I am wrong. If he was to get into a decent car I could see him being consistent but not set the F1 world ablaze.
Max was stuck in 4th for most of last season in the standings and in qualifying he is the complete opposite of Grosjean he is very cautious and doesn't commit to overtaking, and so he will be a safe bet, he will stay out of trouble and for a team that isn't going to score points anyway that's all they need from a driver....
Yeah, watching him in GP2, he does seem a tad too cautious to be a great, he just sits behind others and doesn't try to overtake unless the door is left very wide open.. Not too sure on how he would do in F1.
Max Chilton must be laughing his socks off that he's ended up being the driver with the most testing time pre-season.

Big oppotunity Max. If he can beat the two Caterhams and whoever his team mate is then he might just impress a few people.
well Max has to make most of the opportunities and instead being the rookie he has found himself as the team leader for now
How did Max Chilton escape a penalty in Monaco? His move was just as bad as Grosjean. The only differences being Grosjean's reputation and that a ten place grid penalty for Chilton would effectively be no punishment.
I wish Chilton would take his money and piss off. Qualifying 1.7 seconds behind your team-mate at your home Grand Prix just isn't good enough. He hasn't beaten Bianci yet either. What's worse is that Chilton had the car for all of the pre-season testing too. Glock please come back, at least it was entertaining to see him have the rare chance of stealing a point.
What makes me laugh is that in his interview with BBC the other day is that he assumes that staying that Marussia is a given for next season before jumping to a higher team. Considering since 2010 only Glock has lasted more than 1 year at the team I can't see that changing any time soon
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