Massa or Kubica?

You are Luca - Make your choice

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Not my cup of cake
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Felipe Massa is currently negotiating a new contract with Ferrari which has led to renewed speculation that Robert Kubica might join the Scuderia next season. Nothing like being threatened with a pole during contract discussions is there?

So, just for fun, here's your chance to have your say on what you would do if you were sitting in Luca di Montemelonhead's seat.
Felipe Massa for me.

He is a decent enough driver (understatement) the odd self inflicted mishap but I still feel is vert underrated. This is a guy who has oupaced a current World Champion, showed himself in good light and came of age when Shumi was his teammate and missed out WC effectively half a minute after finished the race.

Now while Kubica is very much on Massa's level and perhaps less prone to that odd self inflicted mishap, I think a lot is taken for granted in terms of knowing your away round a team especially under the current rules. So I think ferrari and Massa would be better off with a driver they know and who knows his away around the ferrari garage.
Robert is too tall, isn't he? Felipe is worth a lot more than he'll ever get paid, he's got to be worth as much as Kimi hasn't he? :thinking:
Tricky one really as neither of them stand out for me.

Massa did come close to winning the WDC I suppose and was beating Kimi last year until his accident.

On balance then it would have to be Massa between those 2.

However, I've gone for "Neither" and suggest that Ferrari should hire Hamilton
snowy said:
Alonso and Hamilton at Ferrari!

Now there's a spicy recipe. :popcorn:

Yeah, a spicy recipe...........if it's disaster you're cooking. :o :o :o
We saw that movie at McLaren a few years back and it didn't work then; what are the odds it'd work at Ferrari? :o :o :o
Had to say both and get rid of Alonso, but that would be simply because I don't like him and definitely didn't like his move on Massa in the pit-lane on Sunday..
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