Robert Kubica - 'best driver in F1'


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When we consider who the best driver in F1 is, the names Hamilton and Alonso come up with regularity, a qualified 'potential' entry for Seb Vettel is often entered and Kobayashi is given by those who confuse 'best' with 'most entertaining'.

To summarise for link haters, the three 'drivers' tracks of Monaco, Spa and Suzuka have all contained top end performances from Robert Kubica in a non-brilliant Renault. He was on the podium at the first 2, with a podium qualifying position at all three. This equates, according to Hughes, to excellence in a crap car to compare with Senna at Toleman, Schumacher at Jordan and Alonso at Minardi.

Quite frankly, he is not far off. He's 8th in the Championship having scored all but 19 of Renault's points, he's qualified for Q3 at every race (only Red Bull's drivers have done the same) and he scored a podium at the Track of Champions too (Melbourne). He's 60 points ahead of Michael Schumacher in a significantly worse car in my opinion.

I'm not sure Kubica is the best driver, its difficult to decide who is 'best' without flame wars all over the place, but he is up there near the top.

Maybe Alonso and Hamilton's WUM armies should stop firing at each other.
I agree that he is one of the best, but as always with different cars it is impossible to tell. Another factor to consider is that having petrov as a teammate does flatter him when he scoring big points.
Well, he got soundly beaten by Nick Heidfeld when team mates, so not brilliant, but he can be quick.

He's also had some shocking performances..
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