Martin Whitmarsh


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RasputinLives Mephistopheles This news has almost gone unnoticed due to the furore surrounding Mercedes drivers

He has probably served his garden leave and been paid off no doubt handsomely for his years of service at Mclaren

We will not know what has gone on . All will be revealed in time when he does book probably about life under Ron Dennis

A victim of Ron's coup as part of internal power struggle between Ron and the other sharesholders


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Book title ... already have the copyright ... "Martin ... The Forgotten Man" ...

Hope he pops up somewhere ... I am going to suggest that p'haps his last 12-18 months in charge there was a certain other individual(s) with shovels and backhoes searching and digging for minerals under his feet just about every step he took ....


There comes a point when money is no longer the goal of a mans life and I'm sure that no matter what pay off he has been given will not dull the sense of betrayal he has suffered..
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no matter what pay off he has been given will not dull the sense of betrayal he has suffered..
Codswallop. Motorsport is like any other professional sport, it's a dog eat dog world and results count. Whitmarsh didn't bring the results hence he was out. Betrayal my arse. Grow up. :facepalm:


I will clarify my opinion.

Whitmarsh has been an integral part of the McLaren team in partnership with Ron for the last 30 years of his life Ron gets discredited and Whitmarsh is left to run the team, a few years later Ron resurfaces and sacks Whitmarsh, so on what planet is that fair play..?
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I think Whitmarsh's contribution to the Mclaren team before he became team principle seems to be forgotten easily.

One of the biggest ironys is that one of his greatest achievements at Mclaren was managing a driver youth programme that developed a talent like Lewis Hamilton perfectly. He didn't let him push up too quickly and made sure he raced in the right catogrys at the right time in order to get in that race seat when he had the chance. The irony is that most people will say Whitmarsh's biggest failure was managing Lewis Hamilton when he was team principle.

F1 is a funny old world.
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