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I've just said i think its very similar, or am I going mad here? Certainly not a huge hike to base a decision to move on. I guess when Mclaren realised Lewis wasn't going to accept a pay cut, they stopped playing silly buggers. So I believe he's on similar at Mercedes to what he's on now at Mclaren.

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... with commercial freedom, so he's on more money. The value of commercial freedom may not be a direct payment, but the value of commercial freedom is massive - so much so that the teams have on occasion been known to "sell" the rights to certain areas of their body back to the drivers - I believe Paul di Resta's energy drink contract was valued at about £600,000 by Force India - for which Anthony Hamilton took payment of (allegedly) something like 2million...


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Or The Artist..... it may mean he chooses to have less team based sponsorship commitments and he decides to sit on his salary and play homies with his new rap friends or spend more time working on his charity or with UNICEF than he is currently able to do due to the restrictions McLaren places on him and his diary.

We just don't know. And something that i've been meaning to ask everyone but, does it matter?

Edit: Apologies I wondered where my comment was in the LH thread and realised the MW thread appears to know be the LH thread :s


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Despite more unreliability woes,Whitmarsh thinks Button will make good progress in the race because he's "a brilliantly canny racer".so perhaps all is not lost for second place in the constructors?


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Shame Jenson couldn't catch Massa as that would have helped the constructors, but seems Whitmarsh was right with his prognosis of the race. :)
Although button only made the same progress as Massa - 12 --> 5 instead of 11 --> 4 in a car whose pair finished almost 40 seconds ahead of Alonso's Ferrari. If thats the kind of stellar progress Whitmarsh and McLaren are looking forward to in 2013 its going to be a fairly low key season.


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Let's face it things are never as bad :tumbleweed: or as good :cheer: as the media and its commentators and pundits try to make out. In my experience as a couch potato :snacks: things are usually closer to the middle:bored: . That generally means it is more warm and cuddly :friends: than we think it is.:D


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Both Lewis and McLaren would be foolish to slam the door behind them. You never know what's around the corner in F1. The emotion and affection between Whitmarsh and Hamilton after that win did look genuine on both sides. What a pity it's been lacking over the past couple of years. Some of that genuine joy when Lewis won a race and public support during his difficult period last year would have gone such a long way.


A fine chap if ever there was one.
Maybe one of the lower teams could use his experience, although not necessarily his leadership.
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