Marrussia Virgin join forces with Mclaren


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I can't really agree with you there... Ferrari and McLaren are teams created and driven by men who needed to race and that saw them through the rough (and in some instances very long) times when they weren't winning anything.

The teams you listed all came with 'corporate clout' and all dropped out of F1 because they weren't seeing a win return on their investment. I'd argue that corporate clout is almost the last thing you need.

Branson is a high profile (but reportedly low cash) title sponsor and I'm not convinced he is there to race.

Fomenko, on the other hand, is a racer and I suspect will do everything he can to make the team work; evidenced, if nothing else, by this latest move. He has a luxury sportscar brand that he wants to see succeed and F1 is almost the perfect showcase for that. We also mustn't forget that the big money no longer lies in the traditional US / European markets and I suspect brand loyalty is less of a factor in these emerging markets these days.

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I didn't realise that the BBC owned the F1 car development part of Wirth research. ;)
It was designed as a joint collaboration between a number of 606 users. I seem to remember that it was led by some fellow from the new world, can't remember his name though.


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Brilliant Business from Virgin's point off view! Show their serious about been in F1 and to some extent show their intentions to the other new teams. :).

Could be good for Mclaren aswell they could use Virgin to breed young up and coming drivers into F1.


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Seem as good a thread as any to put this.The Russian influence is getting stronger.Lotus Renault are there due to Vitaly Petrov and the Nissan Renault deal which is very strong in the Russian market. Organisers of the Formula Sochi speed festival have announced that Red Bull Racing has joined the list of participants of the show.
The event, which takes place at the city of Sochi, Russia, on July 16-17, will see Red Bull join Virgin Racing and Renault, who have also confirmed its assistance.
"Red Bull Racing's decision to take part at Formula Sochi underlines high level of the
event and promises even more positive emotions for the spectators," said organisers.
Sochi will host the first ever Russian Grand Prix in 2014.


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Yes but no but yes but...
Virgin is a team but it was a rebranding of Manor.

Marussia were brought in pretty quickly as joint owners and (although I haven't the time to dig into this more) I suspect are the more racing focused side of the partnership.

Branson is the master of marketing and branding and has put the Virgin name on Manor for the Virgin brands benefit. Manor never had the cash to compete so I'm pretty sure most of last year was spent keeping the ship afloat while he looked for an investor / partner who would spend more than him but allow Virgin to keep their high presence.


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When is a Lotus not a Lotus? When i's a John Player Special - as there cars were known in the 70's. It's a bit like some of those bizarre names of Welsh Football teams - although for the life of me I don't know who Airbus UK were before the name change.

Manor as a company still exists, making cars for the lower formulae. Doubtless if Branson pulls out they would revert to being Manor Grand Prix, unless Marussia fancied being the entrant.


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I get a feeling Marussia probably would like to be a 'manufacturer team' if that happened...
He strikes me as an ambitious and driven man; I just hope he has the cash behind him.
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