Mark Webber to stay at Red Bull in 2012

In all the top teams the de facto number one has beaten two fair and square bar Ferrari.

Hmmm I don't want to digress to much but Massa did lead Alonso early both this season and last season, he has fallen of the donkey earlier this time but really you don't think Alonso beat Massa hands down fair and square? We could go to and fro with the German GP incident but there were cases earlier on in the season that Alonso was right up Massa's Manifold and nothing happened........

A would have prefered Mark at Ferrari personally but Ferrari can't pay for Massa not being there and then Mark's salary as well as all the expected technical and executive changes that are looming. The tied down the main driver now it is about development.

Oh well will have to settle with Massa......damn.
Some people would have you believe that it is preferable to have an inferior driver in the second ride. I like to see inter-team battles with a dominant car. Imagine if Stefan Johansson had somehow been kept on after 1987 and found himself in the MP4/4. 1988 might then have been considered the worst season ever.
I can understand why both parties would want to continue next year, but I don't think its great for us as spectators to have the only 3 cars with a realistic chance of winning manned in at least 2 occasions by beaten men.

I guess RB's junior programme hasn't quite got the replacement ready yet (Ricciardo)? It would be odd to see RB go out and splash big money on any other number 2 when they have invested so much in their scheme, won't it.

It might be better for us if Massa is replaced by Kubica (fingers crossed for him) and Webber by Rosberg, at least that way all the number 2s would still be challenging too. A few more unknows needed next year methinks...
I think it also has a lot to do with the fact that the regulations are changing in 2013 and everyone will be starting from a blank(ish) slate

That would be an ideal time to either get a trusted #2 from the current crop of drivers - imagine Koby in an RB (a man can dream can't he?) ;) or to promote a driver from GP2/Young driver program.

Keeping Mark on for one extra year is the only logical solution really, he'll do a solid job, pick up a few decent points for the team, sneak a win here and there and help keep Lewis Hamilton at bay.
I am quite saddened by this, I think one of the main reasons why Webber is staying on, is due to his relationship with Horner, they are good friends and own a team together. I personally would like to say Buemi in his seat instead (yeah I am a fan of the moose) or somebody else.

Webber's time has gone, there still is more than half a season left, but he looks like a broken man, you don't hear much from him in the media anymore, it's always negativity in most of his interviews, he even looked glum when he got pole in can see it in his eyes, he looks completely lost.
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