Manfred Winkelhock 25 years on


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Unfortunately this is subscribers only but on the 25th anniversary of Manfred Winkelhocks death, Autosport talked to his friends and family about there memories of Manfred and how his results didn't match his style of driving and fearless approach. It's an interesting read. ... re&id=2984

Also interesting to note that his son Markus drove for Spyker in 1 race at the Nurburgring in 2007, even managing to lead early on after a heavy shower at the start of the race, (markus himself became the only person in F1 history to start last on the grid and then lead the race on debut. and with the red flag, start from both last and first, a grand prix first. But very similar to this year, his drive after was taken by Yamamoto for sponsorship reasons)
Manfred was a legend and I think very underrated as an F1 driver. He never had particularly good equipment at his disposal but he never stopped trying and often out performed the machinery. I think this video of an accident he had in an F2 car at the Nurburgring in 1980 sums it all up - huge crash, gets out, runs away.

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