Luiz Razia

Born in Brazil in April 1989 Razia spent most of his early career racing in south america becoming the F3 south american champion in 2006. His career after that became very bitty for instance he took part in just 3 international Formula 3000 races winning them all but didn't appear for the rest of the championship. The same happened when he came into GP2 in fact he was team mates with Max Chilton for all of one GP2 round at the begining of the 2008 series before the team dropped both drivers.

Razia was in and out of the series after that but in 2010 had a full year with Pastor Maldonado as his team mate. Pastor won the title and Razia only came 11th which did him no favours at all. He did test for Virgin racing in the young drivers test. I 2011 he became part of the AirAsia team which meant he also got some test time with Caterham(then Lotus). Davide Valsrcchi was his team mate and despite neither doing too badly they didn't have the funds of other drivers and were replaced. Both found other drives though and got into direct competition for the title. The battle was won by Valsechhi in the end but Razia certainly did a lot to boost his rep.

After establishing the runner up spot on GP2 Razia set about securing an F1 drive. With Marussia already plumping for Max Chilton it looked like Caterham was his chance but with the sudden exit of Timo Glock, his backing secured him a seat with the team. Something he announced a week before the team did.

There is no doubt that Razia landed his seat due to funding but lets remember that he did beat all the other GP2 rookies that are on the grid last year and in a spec series this means more because it couldn't just be down to the car. He also seems to have got himself into a team that under Pat Symonds guidence seems to be moving upwards.

So do we think Luiz will be a one year thing that gets spit out the Marussia machine or do we think he'll establish himself on the grid. On paper he should be ahead of British team mate Max Chilton but do we think that will happen?
I'm not sure I'm the most knowledgable Josh I think its justca case of me being the only one who can be bothered to write articles on them.

My opinion on Razia changes week by week. He did look impressive last year at times and if he does bring that form to F1 then in the four way scrap that will be Marussia/Caterham this year then I think Pic is the only one who could match him. Has he got what it takes to move up the grid? Don't know.

He might be lucky though. Timo Glock seemed very excited abour the improvements Marussia had made and a little bit of me expected to see them dueling with the Toro Rosso boys this year in which case it would make Razia look mighty in comparission to previous Marussia drivers. Testing isn't looking that way though.
Oh dear, Razia's F1 career hasn't started too well.
He has now admitted that a delay from his sponsor with a payment is the reason why he didn't take part in the second test.
It is all starting to sound a bit fishy with Razia like. You can't just place a rookie in one week and let the other driver do the leg work the week after. Even Sky's The F1 Show said they was something not quite right and the head of the team was been very cagey on the whole subject according to David Croft :ok:.
I have to say, given that most GP2 cars are full with personal sponsors, his don't seem to be too obvious:dunno:




I don't know if he has new ones now he's in F1, but he doesn't seem to be too-heavily backed?
Maybe Hammi. Maybe he forgot his mums birthday and they stopped his allowance.

Josh whoever his sponsors are they are not getting the proper advertising. Must be someone though as he admitted way back in 2011 that he got the Caterham test drive because of backing.
Oh dear...

Twitter rumours suggest that all is not well between Razia and Marussia and he may be replaced with another driver.

He was scheduled to take part in today's test but once again Max Chilton has taken his place.
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