Like father Like Son?


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Seeing Sir G's post of the latest F2 series standings has reminded me that I meant to post this the other day.

A big congratulations to Jolyon Palmer, son of former F1 driver, saviour of British motor racing circuits and only holder of the Jim Clark Trophy, Johnathon Palmer, for taking the first win of the season in the opening race of the new Formula 2 championship.

Even more bizarre is the fact that Jolyon Palmer is the first Brit to win a Formula 2 designated race since September 1983 in Mugello, Italy when the race and the championship that season was won by..........

One Johnathon Palmer Esq.

Anyone know if Ram or Zakspeed plan on returning to F1 ;)
What was Jonathon Palmer thinking? Jolyon? Sounds like the stuff that gets limescale out of Santa's washing machine!

I suppose he could drive for Tyrell BAR Honda Brawn Mercedes. If they need a new driver any time soon. Which would be funny, in a way! Since Jonathon Palmer made his debut in the 1983 European GP. His team-mate? Keke Rosberg!
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