Lewis Hamilton - Unlucky, Unskilled or Unsupported?


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Full disclosure, I have been a fan of LH since the beginning but for the life of me, I can't figure out if his lack of better results is just just bad luck, bad decisions on his part or team screw ups (or sabotage). Is it a combination of these things? This year I break it down as 30% unlucky, 20% his fault and 50% the team holding him back. Other years maybe the ratios changed. What do you think?
I would say the team could not be holding him back less, being as they have provided a machine that is probably more than a second and a half per lap up on the field in race conditions.

The fact he is behind in the championship is because he did not finish in Canada, losing 18 points to Rosberg. That's a 7 point lead.

But that happens, as we all know. He needs a bit of qualifying luck, but assigning blame at this point is unnecessary. Cheer up, it might never happen.
Maybe I'm more sensitive to it because he's my guy but when I see his pitstops always taking longer than Nico's, the poor strategy calls by the team or the mysterious parts failures, I think the team gives preferential treatment to Rosberg.
In past years I would have said that his sudden downs did't help, but this year he seems to have got the better of them.
Unsupported? You have got to be kidding! I don't think there's a driver out there with a more fanatical pool of supporters...;)
Agree. Some of the comments that I read on social media from LH fans are pretty comical sometimes. When LH wins, he's the greatest ever, when he does its never his fault.
90% unlucky, 10% his fault and 0% the team holding him back. Anyone who think that Merc is somehow sabotaging his car needs a reality check.

Shogun....I would also agree with 90% unluckly, 10% his fault, and Mercedes aren't deliberately sabotaging his car. Hamilton though, must question why the team asked him to move over for Nico at Hungary, acting imo as if he wasn't also in the running for the championship.
Agree. Some of the comments that I read on social media from LH fans are pretty comical sometimes. When LH wins, he's the greatest ever, when he does its never his fault.

Those characteristics Shogun, aren't just limited to Hamilton fans, but well also can be applied to fans of Alonso.
I always have to ask this so forgive me if you've heard it before.

Is their a belief that Merc delib do Hamiltons pit stops slower than Rosbergs? Because by saying 'the team give Rosberg pref treatment' that is implied. The pit stops are a second to half a second slower.

I want you to try doing something like take three bottle tops off as fast as you can. Practice it until your good as ypu think you'll get at it and then time yourself. Straight after that try and delib do it half a second slower than your best time.

Not easy is it? Now imagine co-ordinating 4 people delib being half a second slower.
Do it over and over again, the first is usually the fastest, and the time increases with each successive attempt.

Perhaps Lewis needs to be in a position where he comes in first more often?
That could be the case Jen.

Merc do have a policy of each driver getting the first choice on when to pit every over race so technically it should even itself out.

There was a discussion somewhere regarding whether Lewis needed to talk to his mechanics more about whether he can place his car better when he comes in for a stop. Obviously Rosberg has worked with them all a lot longer on this. I don't know if anyone has any information on whether he has been hitting his marks or not?
I think it's fair to say Hamilton had a few problems with stops at McLaren as well so this could be the crux of the problem. That said I'm surprised nobodies completed analysis if it is indeed a problem.

The topic of this article is irritating. If I asked the OP to name all of Rosbergs pieces of 'bad luck' would you be able to name them? Or do you just not notice because he's not your driver of choice?
Is there any question he's been unlucky this year? When's the last time a car has broken down in Q1 two races in a row? Rosberg's had some misfortune too, but it's clear that Hamilton has been unluckier so far in the 2014 Campaign.

Assigning percentages to anything before the season is over is a foolhardy task though. There's nothing to gain by complaining of unfairness now when things can drastically change from round to round. Save the analyzing for after the year and just enjoy this season for what it is, an absolutely epic battle for the Championship.
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