NASCAR Lewis going NASCAR?


For one morning at least.

The weather was absolutely miserable in upstate New York today for the "Seat Swap" at Watkins Glen, but Tony Stewart and Lewis Hamilton both got their laps in with each other's respective rides.

It was great to see the MP4-23 back on track today, and you could tell Lewis felt right at home. Both guys raved about the other's car, and Hamilton said he would love to race a Stock Car one day.

Hopefully McLaren will be releasing some of the Full Lap onboards soon. Here is a short clip from SPEED's website;
I vaguely remember hearing this was happening a little while ago but didn't know it was this week, so thanks KTK ! !

I can't open your video link ....... probably US only?........ but found 6 parts of the show on YT.

That's the bits between the adverts LOL here's Part 1 and the link for the next part (response video!) is below each one.

Edit - total video time for all six bits is 42 minutes, the actual swap-car action in parts 4+5
I know many don't care about the US market for F1 and vice versa but it's this kind of thing that will open it up to the Americans. I wonder how much Lewis' relationship with lovely Nicole has had an impact on F1's popularity in the States.

Great stuff anyway :thumbsup:
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