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We have no French GP this year, but I can't see any reason not to have a French Quiz. Answers on a baguette please!

  1. Alain Prost holds the record of home GPs won. How many French GP's did he win?

    Six, one ahead of Jim Clark. Schumi won 5 at the European GP
  2. Before Felipe Massa last year, who was the last non-European to win the French GP?

    Alan Jones in 1980
  3. What is unique about the 1961 French GP?

    Giancarlo Baghetti won on a début - the only instance of this happening excl. Indy 500s and the first GP!
  4. The Bugatti circuit at Le Mans once held the French GP, in 1967. Who won it?

    Jack Brabham, for Brabham
  5. In 1990, who won the last French GP at Paul Ricard, and why is it significant?

    Alain Prost scored Ferrari's 100th win!
  6. How many constructors did Alain Prost win the French GP for?

    He won it with all 4 of his constructors; Williams, McLaren, Ferrari & Renault
  7. Other than Prost, which French driver scored the most points?

    Jean Alesi (241). Prost is on 798.5!
  8. How many cars were allowed to race despite missing the 107% mark in 1999 due to inclement conditions?

    5; Gene & Badoer (Minardi), de la Rosa & Takagi (Arrows) and Hill (Jordan)
  9. What is odd about French drivers' number of total wins?

    They have 79 wins and 79 poles!
  10. Name the drivers that scored a French 1-2-3 at the French GP in the year of chaos, 1982.

    1 Arnoux, 2 Prost, 3 Pironi
I had a longer quiz planned but I lost it, so sorry about that. Any suggestions for Grand Prix next week would be well recieved!
I got 4 (!!!) right. 1967 was easy-I was there. It was the most Mickey Mouse circuit I ever saw. Tilke would have been proud!

For the others, it helps that I am a Prost fan, and feel that he is grossly under-rated by most.
I managed to score an astounding TWO!! :o

OK, they were guesses (Q.6 & Q.8), but hey, I guessed them correctly. So I'm totally gonna claim them as legitimate answers! No-one's gonna take those two babies away from me... oh :no:
Can I bring your attention to this:

3. Post an accurate score!

You all know I have no power to enforce this. I just ask that you mark yourself fairly and post your actual score. Don't be disheartened if the score isn't great, these quizzes are often difficult! If you do want to post an inaccurate score, remember you're only cheating yourself!


Joking, MZR, them points are yours to keep!

Oh goodie! Toys were in pre-launch mode and as I've grown fond of them, I'd be teary eyed to see the toys go, let alone at missing out on the two points!

teabagyokel said:
3. Post an accurate score!

This appears to suggest that I'm rubbish at these quizzes and .... Oh hang on, you're right. I am rubbish at the quizzes! I think I'll take my two points and walk away quietly... :whistle:
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