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Toyota has released details of its 2021 Le Mans challenger.

A twin turbo V6 3.5L.




The driver line up is unchanged:

Kamui Kobayashi
Mike Conway
Jose Maria Lopez

Sebastien Buemi
Kazuki Nakajima
Brendon Hartley
Looks good, hopefully toyota might get a race for the 1st time in many years
Probably not until 2022. Other than Toyota only ByKolles and Glickenhaus will have hypercars this year, but Peugeot are coming back for '22, together with Porsche and Audi in the top class, which should be good (fervently hoping it actually happens like this, of course).
The start of this year's 24 hour race is only a few hours away.

Motorsport fans wait with baited breath to discover which Toyota will win.
yeah ive been watching the qualifying & hyperpole. apline think they can manage to match they can manage to lap in the same pace as toyota's. but it doesnt bode well because kobayshi bailed out of his fastest lap with wouldve added another 7 tenths to the gap. to get around the balance of performance
This year will be a Toyota benefit but next year there will be some competition. I've been told GTE will be changing to GT3 rules. I'll see ifI can find some detail.

Anwho, it's a real endurance race and none of the teams can even take finishing for granted let alone winning.
that eurosport director had a nightmare. there was chaos at le mans. rain falling darkness descended & yet they were persisting with Tom Kristensen goodyear blimp VT & took far too long to cut back to race
As I watch this year's race unfold it occurred to me that at least the leading Toyota this year won't have a mysterious issue in the last few hours of the race because Fernando Alonso isn't driving the other car.

yeah the eurosport lot in between telling us many times how 1 of the cars was named after elsa from frozen. was talking about the bad luck that mike conway had at le mans having never won. surprisingly the avoided the alonso fixing issue
bit underwhelmed by the toyota victory & 2022 will be a huge relief to stop this 1 horse race. because the balance of performance was non existent & #7 had the victory in the bag 18 hours ago. reminded me of mercedes 2014. Toyota were in a different league 3 seconds a lap quicker than alpine & glickenhaus. won at a canter even with gearbox, hybrid & fuel pick up issues

i cant help but feel that they wouldve finished 4th & 6th in the era of Audi & Porsche. we are desperately crying out for competition & have been for 4? years

reminds me of kevin bridges great joke
"Scottish football is famously a two horse race and we've now lost a horse. Scottish football has become showjumping."
So even without Alonso, Toyota still manage to fanny about with one of their cars in the last few laps.

This will not go down as a classic in the history of the 24 hours.

Let's hope next year really does prove to be an endurance challenge.
because of how LMP2 car broken down on the final lap on Sunday i ended up. rewatching 2016 le mans earlier still as heartbreaking as ever. 1 of cruellest endings in any sport

but i noticed 1 thing during the videos its winning the t shirt in the background of the celebrations. at what point when Toyota are breaking down did someone at Porsche say "oi matteaus, get that box of victory tshirts out of the bin. we need them as are going to win"

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