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Hamiltons first two Monaco Grands Prix saw him 2nd and 1st....
I seem to remember that in 2008 after about 6 laps Hamilton hit the wall at Tabac resulting in his pitting at the perfect time to get on the right tyres whilst losing very few places due to the wet roads spreading out the field.

Maybe it isn't such a bad thing to hit a wall after all.:D


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I think someone should point at that it is a sad state of affairs that a legendary name like Williams has resorted to employing drivers based on the money they can bring in not purely on talent more recently

Considering the other options Williams had available to them with the exception of Nasr, you wonder the rationale behind their decision. The blame surely has to be aimed some of it at Williams unless someone can tell me his Dad blackmailed the team if his son was not picked

It just does not sound like a smart comment you're trying to learn an F1 pack based on a computer game... would it not be better if it was a proper simulator


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Bill Boddy - I didn't say he wasn't lucky. ;)

Much better from Max today; he really needs to finish this.

Stroll could well give up on this one; he is in a Williams.


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He is still very cautious as well (he jumped off the throttle and had a brown trouser moment when Vandorne swerved at him) so think there is more time there if he finds his confidence to go for it.

Nice for him to have his best race in Canada.


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is this is the turning point of stroll career, confidence boosting home grand prix & this weekend he's had a very good & 1 of few drivers to have a clean weekend. now outqualified Massa. because we did mention post austraila that Button Grosjean Massa & scheckter in the 70's were all have absolute stinkers of a start to career. but when on to be alright. maybe this is his turning point


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P3. The testing in Austin seems to have paid off. :thumbsup::3rd:

He has to practice the champagne spraying though.
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So happy for Lance, this might be the first time he has held a champagne bottle so he needs to go back to Austin and practice his spraying technique


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Interesting that whoever decided to take Stroll for testing in an old Williams at Austin .. it seemed to have kerbed some of the challenges he 's been having...Mclaren might want to take note with Vandoorne

If this is the coming of Stroll who incidentally is now the 2nd youngest driver to be on the podium behind a certain Mad Max then I think this is now the beginning of the end for Massa
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