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RasputinLives provide the evidence for me.
I Don't really have evidence because you can't really evidence it but I've watched Vandorne through four formulas and seen him progress and dominate everyone he was in. I've seen him command in the best machinery and I've seen him push awful machinery to places it shouldn't go. I've seen some great speed and performance from Max but I've seen nothing like the consistency of results and performance I've seen from Vandoorne. Max is the more exciting driver but it doesn't mean he is better. Comparing them in F1 is pointless due to the difference in machinery but I think of it like this:

If I wanted a driver to entertain and bring in sponsors then I'd go for Max. If I wanted a driver to bring the car home for consistent quality results than I'd go for Vandoorne. I'm sure I'm in the minority in this view.

Bringing it back to topic on Stroll he is more of the consistent type. Also if you look at his career it's always taken him a season to get to grips with a formula and then he aces it on the year after. So we'll see what he does next year and judge him on that I reckon.

Edit - just realised I put 'majority in this view' when I meant minority! :facepalm:
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Seriously if Williams are going to pick Massa again for next year , Stroll needs to bury him not literally otherwise he should not be in F1. My feeling is Toto will push for Wehrlein to replace Massa and offer Williams another discount on the engines to be Stroll's teammate unless off course in typical Williams fashion they pick the most conservative option and go for someone like DI Resta


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Oh dear, Lance is getting a kicking on the 5Live coverage because he's slower than Felipe and not improving in the way expected. For those interested in these things, Stroll has a 3 year contract and is paying for the drive (well durr!) but the amount Williams will receive drops by $5 million a year (so it has been reported)


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Oh dear, Lance is getting a kicking on the 5Live coverage because he's slower than Felipe and not improving in the way expected.
He fully deserves the kicking and Williams have earned one too, because Stroll hasn't improved at all. He's had several private test sessions throughout the season, even on tracks like Austin and Suzuka, yet he was no closer to Massa on those tracks.



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Stroll has given himself a rating of 8.5 out of 10.

Does anyone remember what Verstappen habe himself after his first season? 8 out of 10.

One driver either suffers from hubris and the other of a lack of confidence or they aren’t using the same scale.
Verstappen could‘ve driven on Massa‘s level in 2015.
Stroll spent time in Italian F4 and two seasons in F3, thus has quite a bit more experience than Verstappen when he joined F1.


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Saw this on a Reddit thread about drivers that don’t get the credit they deserve:
I don't think Lance Stroll gets the credit he deserves. He has accomplished a lot. Not many people could have gotten where he is. Do you know how hard it is to be that one sperm that fertilizes the egg?


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It means your joke doesn't make sense but my original one does. Meaning you look daft not me.


Only now I've explain it everyone knows I messed it up in the first place.

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