Kevin Magnussen

The son of former McLaren Formula One driver Jan Magnussen makes his Formula One debut in the 2014 season. He started his racing career in karting and quickly moved onto more powerful single seaters.
After early success in Danish Formula Ford he was soon competing and winning in Formula Renault 2.0 and Formula 3 before competing in the Formula Renualt 3.5 series and winning the championship in his second year.

As a product of the same driver development program that brought us Lewis Hamilton as well as a strong racing pedigree, Magnussen has become accustomed to winning at all levels of the junior motorsport ranks and will want to continue his success when he makes his debut in March.
I know there was a buzz around Montoya, I simply feel he was overrated. He had a reputation as an amazing qualifier but was actually outqualified by the only two team mates he ever had - Raikkonen and Ralf Schumacher.

He was far from bad, but at a time when the likes of Schumacher, Alonso, Button, Frentzen, Raikkonen, Heidfeld, Trulli, Massa and Fisichella were all racing, I wouldn't call Montoya a top driver of his time. More of a Grosjean than an Alonso.

And that was back when he was at his peak. We saw how badly Schumacher performed past age 40, it is only logical that Montoya is now far off the level he was at when he raced in F1.
Montoya was way in front of the likes of Trillion and Heidfeld. They never came close to what he did.

It's very easy to look back retrospectively and say that about Montoya but to be honest when he first came into F1 the buzz around him was very much like that round Max Verstappen. He was a stunning overtaken and got the usual round of 'he's dangerous' from other drivers which is a sure sign they were worried about him.

To be honest I was never a fan and he couldn't handle the team politics of F1 which is why he never achieved his potential but to say he wasn't a top class driver when he was in F1 would be unfair.

I see what you are saying about his age but unlike Schumie he never took anytime off.
Worth mentioning Magnusen had a good race in Bahrain even if the car wasn't the best. Look quite fiesty with the overtakes.
Accept he could not overtake a Manor which he described as rocket "Down the straight" but this season could be very tough for K Mag due the team rebuilding situation
He certainly put in a better hand than his teammate and wasn't crying about the Sauber's shortcomings.

"This car is terrible to drive." - Felipe Nasr 2016
12.5 G Impact according to the FOM graphic

I was looking at his profile today, when I noticed he is the only driver to have driven an engine from every manufacturer in the new turbo era:
2014 McLaren - Mercedes
2015 McLaren - Honda (Australian Grand Prix)
2016 Renault
2017 Haas - Ferrari
K Mag seems to be the forgotten man in all the silly season and just for once needs some stability to revive his once promising career
Funny that. After his antics at Hungary I've decided Magnussen is a bit of a toss-pot. Even though Hulkengerg didn't exactly cover himself in glory either with his talk-to-Charlie carry-on.
Kevin Magnussen is one driver for whom I feel total indifference. I don't suppose he gives two hoots though.
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