Keke Rosberg

Highlights of 1986 Monaco GP. Keke starts from ninth on the grid, works his way up to second thanks to a number of gutsy overtakes. No mean feat at Monaco to say the very least. (Laffite's move on Johansson was pretty special too!)

Ooops. Just realised the Laffite move isn't included in the above link. As this is the Rosberg thread I'll post somewhere else.

I really should make sure I watch the whole thing through before I post a link... :oops:
Goodness me! Keke Rosberg's a bit before my time, so I had no idea this man apparently aimed to add a 360 spin to every race he was in. LOL Very amusing to watch those clips, they remind me of my dad's attempts at playing F1 racing games on Playstation.
Or the belief that merely because you have a surname you are a double for the original. A heavy burden for a child!!
Winston Churchill's daughter wanted to go on the stage, but was concerned that it might be thought that she was getting on because of the name. So she spoke to her father who said words to the effect "Use your name as it is, you are good enough to overcome its drawback".
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