Head To Head Jules Bianchi vs Max Chilton


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Its the classic Tortoise vs Hare race down at the back of the field for Marussia.

Bianchi is the speedy hare who was fast out of the blocks and rated highly by everyone (including me) whilst Max was the slow methodical Tortoise who you know will get to the finish.

Has Bianchi's hare rested on his laurels a bit too much though and allowed the lumbering Tortoise to get the jump on him?

Thoughts (if you have any) please.
If you look at how its gone in the past Marussia usually score there best results in the early races.

With Enstone and Caterham on there way up Bianchi may have missed his chance.
RasputinLives - With the inevitable increase in reliability, I do think it is possible that Chilton has Chandhocked the bottom-feeders, but I doubt his victories over Bianchi will stand up for the rest of the season. Let's face it, Bianchi won't be passing Saubers too often...
Unfortunately Maldonado may well start from the back of the grid following penalties. Anyone in front of him needs to be afraid, very afraid ...:D
What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?
The two cannot exist in the same universe you could have one or the other but not both, but assuming they did meet each other they both would have infinite energy, the immovable object would have infinite inertia and the other would have infinite momentum and when the two met they would seem to be resting but in fact they would be feeding off of each others energy and since both have infinite energy this state would last for eternity..

The saying first came about in ancient china when a man was selling a shield that he claimed could stop any spear and at the same time he was selling a spear that he claimed could pierce any shield and when someone asked what would happen if the two met he refused to answer...
Actually, I believe the accepted answer is:

"The unstoppable force stops, the immovable object moves"

...as anyone who's read "Walking on Glass" by Iain Banks would know...;)
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