Head To Head Jenson Button vs Fernando Alonso


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Two races in the the battle of the Champions at McLaren and i'd put it at 15:Love to Jenson but given Fernando did hardly any testing mileage and missed the first race is this perhaps a phoney war.

Jenson hasn't shied away for pitting his driving skills against the best on the grid when he joined McLaren to be Lewis Hamilton's teammate and he was far from embarrassed in that battle. Many will, I'm sure, expect Fernando to show Jenson a clean pair of heels but I think this underestimates the man from Frome.

So, as the season progresses, here's a place to contrast and compare the tail end Charlies of F1. I know we have a few fans of both drivers on here so please play nice.
Come on Jenson!!

I reckon its a tortoise and hare approach to this battle. Guess who is the tortoise...but to finnish first (or17th) first you have to finish and if Alonso keeps breaking cars (or parts of his engine) and Jenson does not (or at least not quite so often) then by the end of the year JB will be getting a free boost at every quali as FA gets kicked down another 5 places or so....

Although I hate to say it so early in the season the new boys (Verstappen and Sainz) are doing such a good job that it may render this battle of the old guys irrelevant to most fans unless McLaren get a big move on and start messing with the Williams and RB teams; no-one will get excited if this ends up just being a race for two old blokes to see if they can beat some pay drivers in a Sauber.....

These remaining Honda tokens better be very very very good!
I think it might be a bit early in the day for a "versus" thread... It's quite a different situation when big-name team-mates are pitted against each other in a big team that's right at the back.

Normally they'd grab any opportunity to secure an advantage over the other but when the team are at the back they're a bit more likely to make sure they work together, out of necessity.

For example, atthe moment they're too far back for it to make much difference but in a race or two it's quite likely the team will try to split race strategies between the two, cover all angles. That would make comparisons a bit more difficult.
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For all we know McLaren may already be on split strategies with regard to car components. I agree with you Incubus, until there is some stability in the car a comparison of drivers is not possible.
Though Jenson's fastest lap in the race was 2.4 seconds faster than Fernando's, but 20 laps later in the race so lower fuel.
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Faster could be a weakness in an under-performing engine though. Faster equals die sooner!
Whether its too early for a vs. or not, either way its irrelevant until they are at least a little further up the grid. Hard to judge any driver when they're driving around at the back.
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