Jean Todt


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Jean Todt probably has a bunker or trench and stays under it in the cross fire between Bernie and the F1 teams. He wants a collaborative approach to running F1 between all sides which is a complete stark contrast to Mosley's days.

Max just loved to be confrontational and tackle head on like a lawyer that he is . For Jean Todt to be confrontational against the teams he would be doing three things

i) Deny himself a future job as a team principle or team boss with an F1 team or an F1 engine builder
ii) Get on the wrong side of Bernie which he has not been for years
iii) Basically admitting he gave Ferrari too much influence with their royalty payment agreements and vetoing rules now wanting to try and curb their power in how F1 should be run

I think a turtle shell is appropriate for Jean Todt
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